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  • ilikemybigballs ilikemybigballs May 15, 2012 1:26 PM Flag

    We got Preet, Go mspd

    management is bailing, run for the hills, just sell your stock first and run to MINDSPEED!

    announced that Preetinder S. Virk assumed the role of senior vice president and general manager, communications convergence processing (CCP) at MINDSPEED (MSPD), effective May 14, 2012. Just my take, I think Preet is choosing a winner with Mindspeed Technologies, very smart man! while the sector has sucked, mindspeed will recover faster. You could sell your shares of freescale and get 2.2 shares of mspd if you hurry.

    Have a great day!

    Mr. Ball

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    • Mindspeed does comms Freescale concentrates on Micro controllers isn't that the way it works. They MIGHT compete, but I don't see direct competition at the moment. True, there is a huge market for faster networking solutions, but there is also a huge market for programmable micro controllers, and they're just now starting to get cheap enough that one useful enough to be better than an analogue PID controller is available to experimenters/hobbyists at a price where the cost license for Windows (to use the development environment on my back) will be more than my outlay for the miniframe, two daughter boards, and the IDE. Add to that a pile of sensors, motors, and other gear and its less than $500 for what in my university robotics lab, such as it was, in the late 80's that costs 10's of thousands.

      Freescale has a GREAT product line, they just have to get it in front of the hobbyist who will eventually create the "next cool thing" using their line of programmable controllers, then he asks for a 10k lot of a special chip, the next thing you know he's selling 5 million units a quarter. THAT'S where Freescale has to push, to the garage hobbyist who, with some venture help they can line up, creates a great new use for their products. And it's ALL in the software.

      That happens once, it makes Freescale, twice, Freescale becomes quite valuable, the third time, independent developers will stay away from other Micro Controller products if it means upon presenting a prototyped consumer device Freescale aids them in final development.