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  • Joesmoe_y2k Joesmoe_y2k May 30, 2012 12:40 PM Flag

    FB is also start with an F

    :( :(

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    • Despair not, Freescale hasn't had the at least three years on the exchange it needs to show its potential. Most people buy an IPO with at least a one to three year time scale on it. I was just lucky enough to be able to accumulate some at an average price well below the IPO price.

      So where some others.

      That's because recent IPO subscribers buy them with the intent of immediately dumping them on the open market. Sure, if some of them do that it's not a big deal, there are others out there who didn't get full allotments or who are willing to pay a first day premium, BUT . . . when too many get allotments with the sole intent of dumping them, the of COURSE the IPO price won't be sustained in the short term.

      Give it a month then take another look at it. I thought LNKD was a screaming short, and yet it hasn't yet tumbled the way I though it would.