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  • clgl_fubar clgl_fubar Jun 6, 2012 1:13 PM Flag

    Please . . .

    Don't be selling your FSL for under $10 folks, it just makes you look dumb . . . And as for those who sold down to $8.50, well, I kind of feel sorry for them.

    This is a $16 stock, with real functioning hardware, and just an utter lack of retail marketing skills. They have the potential to be the next "HeathKit" of the digital electronic programmable device controller world, robotics, the future, and they're blowing it, but sooner or later they'll wake up, partner with Radio Shack, and generate an entire new American generation of garage inventors.

    Either that or their VP or product development should be taken out and fire . . . . well, I always thought a post and a firing squad was the solution to executives who don't take their responsibilities seriously enough to pursue all reasonable avenues of profit. Not a golden parachute, 12,000 feet AGL and a lead one.