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  • clgl_fubar clgl_fubar Sep 24, 2012 3:34 PM Flag

    Yet more idiots . . .

    Selling under $10 a share . . . what fools. Ah well, another buying op for me.

    Purchase one of their development kits, the one for the K40 is ideal, and you'd be surprised at what you get for so little and how easy it makes it to use their micro-frame systems to automate things that you'd never normally think about. Now you can build an integrated environmental control system throughout a house cheaply just by deploying sensors and opening and closing air ducts, lowering lighting, etc, in response, do it on the cheap, integrate a home security system into it, and the whole system is just a small series of cubes networked together . . .

    Getting some "professional" security and HVAC people to do the same thing would cost well into the low 5 figures, whereas buying the parts and doing it yourself (assuming you're a geek who can do low level programming), very very cheap. And when you're done you'll still have the codebase to be able to do similar installations elsewhere.

    Further, if you end up selling a great many of whatever you came up with, Freescale will help you integrate your system into a custom ASIC/motherboard and arrange for mass production through one of their other partners.

    When I talked with their product people about use of one new product they gave me data sheets, directed me to where I could purchase the development kit, and offered to help if I had problems. People are going to be USING these development kits, as they are IDEAL for small scale industiral control engineering as well as hobbyist use, and they're going to be deploying them in all sorts of odd places.

    I'm kicking the Motorola/IBM/Sieman PMC habit and going with Freescale. The last time I worked with an Intel embedded processor was about my best experience, and even that was pathetic compared to the Freescale system. My ONLY complaint is that aside from an RS-232 adapter for USB there's no way to use the Mac to program the system, its pretty much PC only, unless you use an emulator, which sort of makes your Mac a PC for all practical purposes.

    I've got a Mac Mini I'll be sacrificing to work with these, once Win8 is out and I know that the CodeWarrior development environment for micro-controllers will work with it. Then they have 4 development kits that look like what I need to automate tasks at my ranch (fire monitoring, security, operating feed hoppers, etc) that previously had to be done by sending a person on foot, or with instrumentation requiring manual operation. Screw that when I can buy a $35 programmable computer on a board to handle something that is trivial, but on the whole soaks up a great many man hours in the long run. Enough to make i worth writing the code once and maintain the system rather than keep up with those mindless repetitive tasks.

    Robotics is the future and Freescale makes just about all the tools to start getting into basic embedded systems all the way up to high end units with power rivaling desktop PC's. They'll even arrange to have wafers fabbed up if you need them, and are willing to buy them by the thousands :-)

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Thanks to those who sold me their shares under 10 bucks, and I'll be off to the gains window now, though I cheated myself of much of them by assuming a negative or static response to earnings and got mostly CALL'd out at $13 a share. Win some, lose some, but I didn't want to see my gains erased by a plunge.