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  • bv2929 bv2929 Mar 20, 2009 12:58 PM Flag

    Too much volume

    I get the feeling something is in the works. Theres just too much volume for the news that was announced. anyone else feeling the same way?

    pop mechanics was not "news" and the selling due to Stein should have tanked the stock in that short time frame.

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    • I'm so confused, stein leaving is far more negative than the positive news about the pop mechanics article...

      There is a chance some one through some money at orni based on the pop mechanics article alone, i mean the volume was only 60k, which only amounts to 22,000 bucks traded today...doesn't mean someone knows something we don't...could be some rich guy who reads pop mechanics taking a gamble on a small stock with his chump change...

      sad to see stein go though, his teired contracts was one of the main reasons i left my money in orni...i guess i might as well leave it a lil bit longer to find out what this volume is all about

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      • I think volume was about 135k before the article release. Not many shares traded after that but it brought the price up.

        Hirsch was given the same comp package as Stein I believe. I remember thinking that was odd at the time.

        They need a name behind them. Someone that investors know. That alone will put the stock price in another realm. They've got the technology to attract someone high caliber in my opinion. That's the best thing they can do right now to boost share price without any other news.