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  • oldschoolbonedoc oldschoolbonedoc Mar 21, 2009 12:00 PM Flag

    Too much volume


    ONI needs a clinical partner to pay for the trials. I've been investing in biotechs since the late '80's and I've seen this play out. We can't afford another round of dilution. We need to partner SRT.

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    • Certainly can't afford dilution at these prices.

      They could have funded phase 1b with the $2.5 million from Hawes in June. A successful trial would have gotten the buzz going again and generated much more investment/higher share price.

      Then, they could have raised money at say $1 per share or higher for P3 launch. that's hindsight.

      Maybe we can hope that the NIH picks up trial costs with $9 billion to them from the stimulus.