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  • nynjlot nynjlot Nov 15, 2009 2:49 PM Flag

    two questions

    I am new here and interested in CXM.

    1. any comments about article? most are true ?

    2. delisting issue, "demonstrate compliance with the continued listing standards for two consecutive quarters."

    what are they talking about here? Market Captial?


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    • This is my take on your questions:

      1. Yes, most of what he says is true. As was stated elsewhere, he knew more about CXM than he's saying since someone else wrote a CXM article a couple of weeks ago. If he didn't know about it, that's probably even worse - it's important when you're at work to lift your head once in awhile to see what else if going on...

      What he doesn't frame in his commentary is what I beleive is going on right now at Cardium. I think they found that the carrier used, a very specific collagen that they can patent, worked VERY well in advancing healing. I think they are so excited they can't contain themselves. Why? They can file the 510K and if things go well, be in rpoduction with a product that will be extremely lucative in 6-8 months.

      He didn't say that, but that the CXM side of the equation.

      2. Delisting simply means the company has been warned that if they don't return the stock price to over $1 in 6 months, they can no longer appear on the exchange. When the new product comes out and the stock goes to $4.50 in about 1 week, they will have to reapply for listing. Not a big deal.


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