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  • tr444000 tr444000 Jul 27, 2011 11:04 AM Flag

    Cardium hiding something

    Call me a basher, detractor, or any other name you all want... At this point, I am convinced that Cardium is hiding from shareholders material information.
    Never in the history of US regulatory agencies has an application taken so long. It is either thumbs up or thumbs down, or request for additional information.

    Despite the large number of shares I am holding (not like DanZ - a figure 350,000 - but not very far behind), I am at this point convinced that soon we will hear surfaced news that, very likely, Cardium hid the outright FDA rejection from shareholders.

    Going after a piece of Transdel - at a time where their BK was somewhat known, is just dust thrown to the shareholders. Everyone knows that any BK court would not agree to a last-minute sale of assets, just prior to bankruptcy. The purchase was announced with big noise by Cardium, to detract attention from the problems CXM has. Dilution will not help, at this point, I need to kiss my $$ farewell - in a big way. I do not believe Cardium will see the end of 2011.

    Cardium's 501k application is not even slated to be discussed any time soon, to my knowledge (that some of you are questioning - that's fine). Why? Because it is fundamentally deficient and FDA said "no way" a long time ago.

    Reinhardt does not care, as he has his golden parachute well lined.. Double-lined, as he exited Artes with a personal fortune as well.

    H2H vehemently countered my opinions (yes, mostly negative, I have to admit). He though $0.40 was a bargain, and so did I at some point. Even with approval (highly unlikely), the PPS will not even reach $0.50...


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    • Thank you - finally someone is understanding what I was trying to say in my initial post.

      Good point about the initial application. FDA does not even consider applications that are not submitted according to the standard format and content. This would be the worst possible scenario - Cardium not having even complied with the initial requirements for submission.

      Hence - FDA does not even have anything to look at, let alone approval/rejection...

      Personally, I am down about 60%, and news are not good at all. At this rate - as I mentioned as well, the company is not seeing the end of CY 2011.


    • The company is hiding something...... A outright rejection probably not....But this process is taking way to long. Even after the refile in December we should have received something at this point. The company is not being transparent. Do you even know for sure that the company submitted? Has anyone confirmed that? I invested into a company that said they had submitted for EPA approval and after a year and some digging I found that comment was false, and the company had not applied.

      If the company has applied then the company needs to be transparent and tell us why or what the problems are. Typically companies tell shareholders if the FDA is asking for more information or trials. Every legit pharma company does this. Why has this company decided no to? HMMMMMM there is a reason for not being transparent and it is typically not a good one. And if you think the stock will gain value after being delisted to PINKS you are sadly mistaken.

    • good luck with this one, i barely escaped the trap layed here....

    • Seriously? You've own shares of CXM for 2 years and still don't know that it's IMPOSSIBLE to hide a rejection from FDA? FDA will be the one to publish it all over the world, it's not up to CXM to hide something here.

    • "Despite the large number of shares I am holding (not like DanZ - a figure 350,000 - but not very far behind), I am at this point convinced that soon we will hear surfaced news that, very likely, Cardium hid the outright FDA rejection from shareholders".

      Yes they hid the rejection from the FDA, and the FDA is hiding it too. The most ignorant post ever on this board!
      Congrats, you topped bella.

    • I don't believe you own any shared of CMX. I will call you a basher. Look at the history of your messages and they are all negative toward Cardium. Who are you trying to fool?

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      • Thanks - you do not have to believe that I own any shares. I can carry my cross myself. I averaged down since $0.57 or so - again, don't have to believe me.

        This is a discussion board, not a collection of sworn testimonials.

        Yes, I still believe that Cardium has received requests for further documentation/clarification from FDA, maybe a 483, whetever.

        Please give me another example of an application process that has taken so long...

        Yes, I have been negative and still am. Give me reasons to reverese the feelings and I would consider.

    • Finally someone is speaking...what we investor like to hear...think can buy back low later after OS/RS announced...... we should know our limit. GLTA

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