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  • borisbear64 borisbear64 Jan 4, 2012 7:16 AM Flag

    Dont forget the lawsuit agianst Life from Helicos

    Forget it at your peril. coming to mediation early Feb..with jury trial date set for Sept.

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    • I think I remember you from those 2$ Helicos days. The company will file bankruptcy and be gone before it sees any verdict. As a Helicos holder, you do not make any penny in either way.

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      • "The patent that Life Tech asked to be reexamined is part of a recent expansion of Helicos' license of intellectual property from Arizona State University (IS 8/30/2011), and covers a broader range of sequencing methods than the original license, including technology underlying the Ion Torrent PGM, according to Helicos CEO Ivan Trifunovich.

        Trifunovich said that Life Tech requested the reexamination even before Helicos gained the rights to the patent, US Patent No. 7,875,440, and that Helicos has not sued Life Tech for infringing the patent as of now. "The fact that Life preemptively tried to invalidate this patent tells you that they are quite worried about this patent," he told In Sequence."

        one of the finest law firms in the country working on contingency on behalf of the helicos in the very expensive patent case (speaks volumes)

        so far tactics of defendandts has been just to buy time (change of venue trying to throw out case) so far judge has denied all its going forward

        board is filled with VCs company founders worth 100s of millions company is not going anywhere

        currently in retrenchment mode thats why they havent released reecent patents or have talked up recent achievements (goes a long way when mediations begin next month to look like the truly injured party)

        how do you figure GE will buy them?

        or is that just an assumption on your part

        I admit LIFE has done some great things and is a well run company congrats on the recent news...but dont delude yourself into thinking that it was all newton said standing on the shoulders of giants

        the entire sector is on shifting sands ever changing and still trying to define itself no belweathers yet

    • Motion denied
      At Wilmington this 22nd day of December, 2011, having reviewed defendant LifeTechnologies Corporation's ("life'"s) motion to sever or stay and the papers submitted therewith;
      IT IS ORDERED that said motion (D.I. 73)is denied, for the reasons that follow.

    • Illumina (Nasdaq: ILMN ) is none too happy about Life Technologies' (Nasdaq: LIFE ) recent acquisition. At issue is Life Technologies' subsidiary Ion Torrent and its supposedly too-similar sequencing mechanism.

      If recent legal history is any guide, this particular suit won't change much, but it's important to know what's at stake in the fast-growing sequencing industry.

      If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em
      Illumina's been down this road before. It settled with rival sequencer Affymetrix (Nasdaq: AFFY ) for $90 million nearly three years ago, but it turned right around and countersued, a tactic that got the company a judicial smackdown in late 2010. Illumina also got into a tussle with Applied Biosystems involving patent-infringement suits and countersuits, also settled in 2010. Applied Biosystems, you might recall, was one of two companies that later became Life Technologies.

      Life Technologies is no stranger to litigation, either. It lost a court battle with Pacific Biosciences (Nasdaq: PACB ) over single-molecule sequencing last year. Interestingly, Life Technologies is currently tangled up with both Pacific and Illumina as co-defendants against tiny Helicos Biosciences in a different patent suit.

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