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  • south_st_johnny south_st_johnny Mar 19, 2013 9:45 PM Flag

    Thousands of jobs to be lost once a deal is done

    awful what is going to happen to these folks - the BOD members and higher ups get rich and the little guys are outta here....

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    • I wouldn't be too sure of that. As I see it, Danaher will take the DNA Sequencer business since it fits nicely with their Beckman Coulter DNA test provider business. Thermo Fisher will take the lab test kit business since that is their strength. I presume there are still enough competitors in the lab test kit business that there would be no anti-trust issues. Danaher is currently not in the DNA sequencer business so no anti-trust issues there.

      There are definitely going to be layoffs in accounting, legal, corporate planning, marketing and public relations. How many positions are we talking about? I don't see too many "little guys" getting laid off since both Danaher and Thermo Fisher will be looking to expand their market shares of the previously Life Technologies assets.

      It is good to see KKR and Blackstone drop out of the bidding. I interpret that the going price will be higher than the current $64/share. Both KKR and Blackstone rely on steady cash flow to finance their LBOs. Danaher and Thermo Fisher take an earnings growth view of their acquisitions.

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      • Agreed, I forgot about the "made in China" epidemic. However, LIFE was going to downsize the small product lines anyway since outsourcing to China is the trend, anyway.

      • Wow are you naive. Sales decimated, product managers, decimated, loss of 20-30% of the lab jobs or more. Thermo has plenty of space that can be filled so add to your list empty buildings, maintenance jobs, security, purchasing, etc, admin support, etc., etc. They will do all they can to cut every job possible. Most of the smaller product lines will simply disappear to be outsourced to China. Life does not make their own oligos, peptides, antibodies, etc., and neither does TF. They will just use the "buy #$%$ from China" model and make extra pennies.

    • Sad, but true. What comes around goes around, and the Invitrogen people will get a taste of what the Applied Biosystems folks, and others, had to go through.

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