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  • alumilli alumilli Apr 3, 2007 8:30 AM Flag

    Pinchot Retirement Plan

    Just received a flyer from that mentions Plum Creek as being an example of the "pinchot plan".

    Does anyone know more about this so-called "plan" and the "6 pinchot plan companies listed on the stock market"?

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    • I'm a long holder over 5 years but just shorted now
      expect a gap next week.
      Is this obscure report driving pcl over 45?

    • Alumilli??

      The 6 stocks that make up the so-called "Pinchot Retirement Plan", (according to an Internet site I found), are shown below:

      ---Rayonier, RYN

      ---Plum Creek Lumber, PCL

      ---Potlatch Holdings, PCH

      ---Longview Fibre, LFB

      ---Pope Resources, POPEZ

      ---TimberWest, ???

      They are described as 5 REITs, and a Master Limited
      Partnership (Pope Resources.) I believe the term "Pinchot
      Retirement Plan" is an unofficial name used in one or more
      stock market newsletters, as a marketing gimmick.

      Personally, I know little about these (above 6) companies
      or about the "Pinchot Retirement Plan", but some of them
      seem to be "okay" investments, with fairly good dividends,
      5-year, annualized, total returns in the 15-20 % range and
      capable management. One thing to consider is that they all
      may not be allowed in a traditional IRA. I suggest you do
      your "due diligence", and research these investments as if
      they are just 6 more "stocks" that you might want in your
      retirement, or other, portfolio. In other words, ignore the "Pinchot Retirement Plan" name, I don't think it really
      means anything.


    • here's a link an ad to buy an investment newsletter which talks about these companies but he does not say who/what they have to subscribe.

      Just yesterday I came across several companies,GMR,MCS,ACV,AMTD, that paid special divs.Check them out in the historical prices for divs.

      Anyone have any ideas how we can find comanies that pay special divs and are stable companies as these.?

      • 2 Replies to tdtmz
      • The problem with these stocks that declared specials is that they look like a one shot. I am looking for stocks that have a history of paying specials. I haven't found any reciently.

        Of course I am lazy bout looking for them too.

        I am thinking about getting out of PCL now that the divie rate is going down.