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  • axzl axzl Jan 26, 2000 2:45 PM Flag

    Do Earnings mean anything?

    good to me; but it is my understanding that PCL
    now is REIT, and I don't know what that means to PCL
    and dividend payout. Maybe someone knows if FFO is
    affected by natural resource depletion allowance like real
    estate REITS FFO is affected by depreciation.

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    • Like others on this board I am struggling to make
      year over year comps between PCL reit and PCL LP. One
      of the things that I really do not understand is
      where the revenue and earnings from the mfg operations
      go to since they are particularly excluded from the
      quarterly numbers. Is this money laying around in a sawmill
      somewhere? Can we go get some of it? This may have already
      been addressed so please excuse my stupidity is so but
      there is just an awful lot of money not accounted for
      on the statement and I need a better understanding
      of this if I am going to stay in PCL. 2nd question
      re: taxes. Will we receive both a 1099 and a K2 this
      year since the change happened midyear? thanks for any
      and all help. Woody

    • but still need to know how FFO is calculated for PCL.