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  • SEMI_LONG SEMI_LONG Aug 12, 2007 11:30 AM Flag

    Geotheraml sales in Europe is growing much faster

    Market for geothermal heat pumps (GHP) in Europe as whole is growing much faster at about 70% rate. As expected, within Europe growth is uneven among countries, as some countries like Sweeden and Germany are growing much faster than 70% rate.
    Expect Canada and US to follow similar high growth trends in 2008 and beyond. This is not one year event.

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    • Who are the biggest competitors in the geothermal bussiness??
      TIA ,Jerry

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      • Mostly small regional players, none of them are publicly traded in USA. One company Waterfurnace trades in Toronto, Canada. Waterfurance trades at more than 35 times 2007 earnings, and recently trading at all time highs, is also one of the best performing stocks on Torono Exchange over past few years. However, LXU, market leader, is being ignored becasue it trades on AMEX and trades at less than 10 p.e.

        Wall Street is cluless, even though recently Business Week identified this company as the one of the hot grwoth companies in America. Please read all recent messages on this board to understand LSB story.

    • No one knows a darn thing about this company yet. No one. It is a total tweener (two un related busineses tends to scare off wall street analysts) and that is the opportunity. Please post as much info as you can. Thanks.

      Any idea what kind of average selling price these units have for resdiential or commercial? Do you have any idea what margin level the company can reach on a normalized basis in both the chemical and geothermal business? That means as geothermal gets to $300 to $400 million can they get to a 14% or higher margin. What about chemical, can they stay at the current level of margins?


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      • Current consolidated margins tend to improve as geothermal sales increase on a relative basis, and also prices for metals like steel and nickle come down a little over time. Chemical/fertilizer business continues to generate good cash flow to support growth projects elsewhere. It is a positive to have two unrelated business units to generate profits. I like this management as they have a large stake in the company. I also like the fact only 21 million shares outstanding and no one follows this stock.

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