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  • Howie58 Howie58 Dec 23, 1998 5:47 PM Flag

    BYX still making relatively big dollars.

    Dear Bagels99:

    This is a momentum market.
    Lots of attention paid to e-stocks that won't earn a
    penny in 2-5 years. BYX and other value plays get short
    shrift. There is no easy answer. One hopes that this gem
    will get some attention in the nearterm. Hard to say
    when a turnaround will take place. The whole steel
    sector looks dirt cheap but that is old-fashioned
    reasoning, I guess.

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    • is right at 0 percent. In spite of better
      earnings. Believe it or not, the stock prices for most of
      their competitors are under water (though maybe not, if
      you take into account dividends). My hope is that we
      are at the bottom of the dropping interest
      rate/inflation cycle, and are entering the interest
      rate/inflation cycle, which is good for capital intensive
      industries such as steel.

      Also, maybe investors will
      return to value when dutch tulips (internet stocks)
      fail. I also own Border's (BGP) books, and it never
      fails to amaze me that people are turning their nose up
      at a stock with 25% earnings growth for a stock that
      is a cash incenerator (Amazon). The more AMZN loses,
      the more it appreciates.

      Concerning our lone
      analyst, see messages 410 and 411. I think he/she is
      another problem.