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  • roomyb roomyb Mar 10, 2011 4:01 PM Flag


    I couldn't help myself.

    bite me.

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    • trollen32 Mar 14, 2011 5:40 PM Flag

      room, There might be a little more room for VSH to run, but has had great earnings, that may carry thru Q3 of 11,also a little oiler that might do a double in time SDCJF,PK. See ya..........Keep the muzzle on.

    • The fact that you call it BS tells me you know little about EXEL. You should avoid comment on subjects that are foreign to you. Stick with PSDV and ALIM type stocks. You must like losing money.

      bite me.

    • ". I have been the fool" Couldnt agree more with you, now, if youd only post that BS on EXEL on the EXEL board you may even get some bites!!!!!

    • I believe I figured something out. I have been the fool to allow you to trick me into providing you with detailed information on EXEL. Do your own DD from here on.

      bite me

    • Listen up mr. smart guy and I will educate you. The secondary offering was completed in about a day. That speaks in and of itself for the institutional interest. Could it be possible that there was some shorting to support the deal? That would never occur to you. And even if the short position is large, so what? That means some investors are of opposing views. This stock is a beast and will charge through and upward. You can sit on the sidelines and watch.

      bite me.

    • What are you trying to accomplish by talking about EXEL? How about a wager on which stock performs better, EXEL or PSDV? Would you consider a bet with the loser paying money to the charity of the winner's choice. I will bet up to $10,000 and put the money in an escrow account with both our names to guarantee the bet. My charity is Wounded Warriors. Are you interested? Let me know and I will be happy to work out the details.

      bite me.

    • Then you might be interested in the 9 million shares currently shorted in EXEL. You might have to let that big dog down now or it's going to BITE YOU. You're so savvy though, you've got that one figured also. What a bone head.

    • It is making money for me and several others. Sorry, but not for you. I started accumulating three months ago at 6.15. How is it that you somehow see that as something negative? The name of the game is to identify situations that turn into profit. You have found a situation that so far is a failure. EXEL is one of the best performing stocks to come down the line and you bad mouth it. You see the world through the view of a proctologist. My pick has doubled and yours is down substantially. You are off the deep end.

      I like upsetting you. Besides,you should thank me for giving you an outlet to vent your frustration with your losses.

      bite me.

    • He needs a spankin' as everyone is tired of his bite me crap. He's holding on to EXEL as if it's making money and on the road to milk and honey. Wow, what a blow hard.

    • You've got a few big "ifs"in there, f wad.

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