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  • smacku9138 smacku9138 Mar 14, 2011 3:48 PM Flag

    Roomy Vs. Mickmack pick 'em

    The other thread was too long. Time for a real smackdown to settle your little dispute.

    Each humane and civilized poster (Roomy and Mickmack) can pick the stock that they think will return the greater % return over the designated time.

    Smackdown starts at market open tomorrow (unless otherwise stated), so pick 'em today or tonight. Sound fair?

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    • Yes, very funny and with nice vocabulary making it even better.

      I got some ALIM recently a buck cheaper when it was in the gutter with dead rats. Have PSDV also. ALIM was just too cheap last week, while PSDV was flatter.

      GLTU and the others with this. It can still be bumpy I guess for a while.

    • He was to the point. He did however get a market spanking. We all have at times if you're in this risky equity game. I do however find this little company particularly compelling. I'm not a big fan of biopharmas, but a delivery company like this one is going places, just a couple more hurdles and the drug companies will be trying to snap it up. Naturally, I could receive the same spanking Roomy did if I'm wrong. I did come to laugh at Roomy's blistering of Noob's , it was shocking, other times hilarious. I'm watching out for those bamboo chutes myself.

    • I pick EXEL. We need to determine a time frame. I suggest either six months or one year. Each participant should be able to announce the day they want to sell with a minimum holding period of two months. That person then sits on his return until the end of the contest which would be the final time period or the date both have sold. Does that sound fair?

      bite me affectionately.

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      • Roomy, Just got back to the forum and found your thread. Your wager of percentage growth was initiated on the 14th of March. PSDV closed at $4.06 and EXEL at $11.20. I'm in for PSDV at 6 months VS. EXEL over that time frame and these prices. Let's keep it a gentleman's bet at $100. If I loose I'll donate to whatever cause you wish....including your pocket, you may do the same. We can work the distribution details out going forward. I'm down as we speak.........I will choose to handle my personal position as I see fit and unrelated to this wager, you should as well..... Do you want to bite a piece of this?

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