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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Jun 19, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    Hey, mick, tom, tro, and other longtime longs?

    I am amazed we are not over run with wackos? Remember that infestation of robo bots or whatever they were called a couple or so months ago? What happened to them? Where are the hoards of day traders? Appears to me that PSDV has somehow, with the mid volume and somewhat controlled move up, been able to fly under the radar. I hope it continues.

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    • Mo, you hit it on the head on mid volume. February 22nd was the big volume day and the bots followed. Naturally, the other associated whacks that follow them jumped on board. Slow and steady after that though don't you think? I did have the feeling that February day trading PSDV was to change, and that has proven to be true. That water under the bridge won't be missed, and yeah, I think it will continue.

    • trollen32 Jun 20, 2013 8:02 AM Flag

      Mo, Maybe the wild unexplained frenzy type share price increases were the catalyst that sparked the mushrooms to come out in force.back in the day. As you recall, the share price increases may have been the stimulus for those folks to become [jockeys for a day], ......They were pretty huge going up beyond 6 dollars at the time on anticipation alone, nothing more.......Others amongst us may have taken advantage of those days as there were several opportune moments leading up to todays present PPS and developments.....Just thinking back in time.......Ahh;, the good ole daze........Luck to us all.............tro

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