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  • galaberge galaberge Jul 19, 2013 6:43 AM Flag

    3.5 Million new shares at $3.10 is a wise decision of PSDV for me. I was worried yesterday. I am no more.

    Now I will wait for the PDUFA in October 2013 with alot more confidence in PSDV

    Long and strong PSDV

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    • Agree with you, galaberge. First of all, with the added shares, the number of OS is still very low. But at the same time,cash on hand will nearly double. But at the same time, they have the cash to build the business faster and to a higher level. Now, the best part of it is, using the adage of making lemonaide out of a lemon you happened to receive , do like the smart folks buying at $3.10 on the offering. If you truly believe in this company, add shares at $3.10 or at some price close to it. By all means, do not do the typical retail knee jerk and sell at these low prices, I can assure you, the folks buying at $3.10 and their rmoneyed friends will be there ready to take your shares at $3.10,$3.20, $3.30, etc. glta

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    • Agreed. 3.5 million shares represents about a 15% dilution. If we assume that the fair market value of the stock was about 3.80 pre-dilution, then $3.25 is about fair market value post dilution. However, the company should be capitalized now going forward, so that will add some additional value for sure.

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      • Offerings often vary in their time and reason. We have all seen tiny bio techs that are 5 years or more from having any hope of a product on the market Those type of offerings quite frankly are cases of being very, very, very, spec. This PSDV is a completely different breed of offering. This is a company with product on the market, A huge catalyst coming within 90 days, and some other products in the advanced stage of development, of which this cash will help to bring along.It is because of these factors that I think this event will prove to be a very small blimp on the PSDV radar going forward. I may be wrong, but I suspect savvy investors will take this actually as a positive move, and the sp will hold up very well. glt longs.

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