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  • mickmack50 mickmack50 May 5, 2014 9:16 PM Flag

    So Don't You Think?

    Let's see. Out of nowhere, pSivida comes out with pre clinical data at a big conference; I don't remember the pSivida saying they'd be there. No clue. But , what they deliver is peer reviewed data that suggests that.....oh, do I say......Tethadur has a real potential to deliver these proteins over time and, at a controlled rate base on diameters (I paraphrase). Oh, let's throw in "electrostatic charge" to attract specific biologics. Then, the (specific antibody or protein) drug gets delivered on a casual term; suited to the indication. Oh, I don't there a market for this?

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    • Oh, and who do think is watching?, say it isn't so!.......big pharma. Can you fricken' imagine what a suck thing it is to get injections into the eye every 4-6 weeks, just so you won't go blind? Big pharma is a watchin' this, from right now and starting today!

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      • So PSDV shows that their device can release the biologics in a petri dish? Is this big news?

        I really don't think you will see a great deal of interest in this until they are much further along in the process. Sure they could get big pharma to throw some cash their way now for a significant take of the upside. This is so far off though. You need animal studies, an IRB review and an IND not to mention you need a specific target and dosing. I'd say 3-5 years before it's even being inserted in humans in a Phase 1 trial and then several years to complete Phase 2 and 3. And of course you have the potential for Iluvien type side effects etc and an extended negotiation process with the FDA also the possibility that it just doesn't work. Always a possibility. I'd say 10 years minimum.

        I think the company is highly dependent on Iluvien approval to fund this long and expensive process. Otherwise they will be selling off the upside to fund what is likely to be 400-500 million in development costs.

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