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  • dte333 dte333 Nov 2, 2009 3:29 PM Flag

    Help me out please.

    I saw this stock mentioned as a buy on CNBC.
    It looks like a buy on valuation, but I see the stock leaking down before earnings.
    I never followed this stock, so can you all fill me in on the downside here and trading history etc.

    Why the stock so cheap?

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    • last_person_you_see_before_death last_person_you_see_before_death Nov 10, 2009 8:02 PM Flag

      Just maybe there are some terrible underlying problems that only a select few know about.

    • "OK so now you don't know how to read either. Get someone who can to read it back to you. I invested $70k, not $10k."

      I'm with you pal. I don't think you made the connection here. 32% of anything is still 32% percent, no matter what the amount is!
      The $10,000 was an imaginary figure

      So lets make you happy, I said $10.000 x 32% = $3,200

      You said it was $70,000 so $3,200 x 7 = $22,400
      isn't this the same amount? Is really so hard to make the connection? Hmmm now I have doubts!

      Maybe you should find someone to do it for you!

    • Hate to break it to you, but someone else also called you out on your math mistake. They were more polite about it than me, but in my book your are still an idiot.

      Get ready to buy at 18 next week again. There were 5 more bank failure and over 500 banks are now in trouble. Yep, firm footing for that recovery.

      Did you unemployment bennies run out?

    • I didn't expect you to understand basic math since you can't spell either.

      Anyway, I tell you what checkmark. Let's bury the hatchet here and make an arrangement.

      You keep selling NDAQ short at $18 and I will keep buying it from you. Then I will sell you those same shares back at $18.50 for you to cover.

      How about that?

    • Wow Tiger,

      I don't know what to say. But they have a saying, when an idiot is talking, don't interupt him. I think for anyone with a financial brain on this board, and a rudimentary education in math knows your math is FLAWED and INCORRECT. You get an F. yes, you FAILED. Toally.

      Like the other poster said--you are wrong, and just made yourself look foolish (if that is even possible with you).

      Your last sentence said it best>>

      You really shouldn't trade if you can't do math guys.

      Hopefully you aren't too proud to take your own advice.

      If anything, you are a degenerate gambler. Don't ever confuse yourself for an investor.

    • Ok I am going to spell this out for you 2. If you don't get it after this, forget it. I won't explain it again.

      1/1/2008 started with $70k in trading account. 12/31/2008 ended with $63,700. 9% loss.

      1/1/2009 took $6300 from savings and started with $70k again in trading account. 11/5/09 balance in trading account is $98,700. If I stop right now and never make another trade for the rest of the year, that gives me a 2 year return of $22,400, which you get by taking this years gain of $28,700 and subtracting it from last year's loss of $6300.

      Divide the 2 year return of $22,400 and that gives you $11,200 average per year. 16% of $70k is $11,200.

      You really shouldn't trade if you can't do math guys.

    • Yo your math lesson is completely wrong you moron. You said: "year I was down 9%. 41 minus 9 is 32. 32% return for two years divided by those two years is an average annual return of 16%". Obviously your return is not 16% - you get an extra pt for figuring that out in less than a day. LOL LOL dumdum

    • You are a complete and utter moron. I am not sure how you count in your country but let me give you an American math lesson. I am up 41% this year. Last year I was down 9%. 41 minus 9 is 32. 32% return for two years divided by those two years is an average annual return of 16%. Stop drinking the vodka and take a math class.

      Then again it probably doesn't matter since I am probably the only person on this board that doesn't have you on ignore. I can't help it. Your stupidity is quite entertaining to me and gives me a good laugh to start each day.
      Let's see how Tiger's week has gone. Between last Friday and Monday 3000 shares accumulated with an average price of $17.90. Sold at 18.50 on Wednesday for a profit of $1800. Same afternoon bought 1500 shares at 18.20 and sold at the open on Thursday at 18.48 for a profit of $420. Bought 1000 shares yesterday afternoon at $18 and just sold them at $18.38 for a profit of $380. Total weekly net profit after trading fees is $2460 and that is just on this one stock.
      You keep selling this thing short. I will keep buying them from you. We need idiots like you to keep making money off of. On second thought, don't take that math lesson. If you learn to count we might lose our money train.
      Why don't you find a board full of amateurs that you might be able to scare with your moronic advice and post there since that is obviously what you are. Nobody is ever going to listen to you here unless their goal is to lose money.

    • Tiger, you are a total idiot. You're nowehere close to selling Nasdaq are you? You'd be better off in an index fund but you are too stupid to realize it. Being up 41% this year is an embarassment, look at all the mutual funds beating you, you are a joke.

      On top of that, you are a total math failure--no, EPIC math failure. How on EARTH, do you lose 9% then gain 41% and then say you have a 16% annual return? You dumb American, you can't even do math, no wonder you are getting smoked in the market. No wonder Americans cant do math, you are a flunkie.

      Let me give you the answer, you annual return is 13.27%, not 16. I'm not here to give you a math lesson, you are beyond help. Don't come on the board, tell people you are some hotshot investor, throw out numbers and then give false return information. That's fraud, same a Bernie Madoff, go to jail and be his boyfriend and maybe he can give you a math lesson.

      You're not smart, and I hate to tell you, there are tons of funds out there that made more than 13% avg over te past two years now, so in reality, you really are losing and falling behing further. Stop pretending you are an investor, you are a degenerate gambler and you are no good at investing, i dont care what charts you use, but that crap doesnt work. Leave it to the professionals pal.

      You know what, on second thought, keep trading, I always need more fools at the table to take money from.

      You disaster.

    • Right now the market has run up so much that most of my stocks with the exception of NDAQ, are at the high end of the range. I can't recommend much until we get a pullback. You have to be patient here since most are over valued in my opinion.
      I am looking to start buying SDS once we get above 10,000 again. That is a fund that is short the s&p. I had some success there recently.
      Some stocks I am looking to buy on a pullback:

      Just remember never buy all at once but if you see any of the stocks above hit those prices, that is a great starting point to begin establishing a position.

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