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  • nanotechmillionaire nanotechmillionaire Jun 24, 2012 3:26 AM Flag

    Renn would be 50 dollars a share on NASD

    They have over a Billion in cash and yet trade at a marketcap of 1.7 Billion on the manipulated NYX. Nasdaq is way more fair, accurate then the NYSE, they just screwed up the FB ipo and should have updated all the computer systems before an IPO of that magnitue.

    Because my company is a Chinese company, for years I have watched 7 or 8 China companies,on the Nasdaq take off and have great runs north 5 or ten times the price they originally traded at. Examples are BIDU SINA SOHU NTES SNDA and others

    Yet on the NYSE during all those years, say the past TEN YEARS!

    Not one China stock has run up on the NYSE, and the fact that that an old Goldman Sachs gangster is now your head guy, combined with the Rolling Stone article that points out Goldman Sachs naked shorted for basically forever, then tried to stop the proof in court for 3 almost 4 years, then the same or different attorneys accidentally submitted for evidence what they tried so hard to keep out of the courts record and evidence pile.

    I believe everyone should read that article, the link is not hard to find, has been on the RENN board millions of times in the past couple months. RENN the Chinese Facebook is trading at 1/60th the value of FB when China has more people, way more and they are way ahead of Facebook in mobile technology of both games and the social network of RENN RENN. They have a site like youtube that is a huge success, a site like Amazon, again a huge success and the numbers of new people on these sites grows constantly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. A stock doing everything right with this much potential and over a billion in CASH should not have IPO'd at 15 and traded down to where it is today at 4.50!

    Are you serious NYX, this would be in the 30's or 50's in a hurry on the NASDAQ, it never would have gotten below 10! The only possible reason this stock sits where it does, the stock of RENN, would be the most severe manipulation one has ever seen in over 20 years trading or naked shorting by Goldman on a scale even they have not done this bad on a company with only a 1.7 billion marketcap! They have over a billion in cash! How can Renn marketcap be 1.7? If the SEC was not so worthless and paid off they would be coming after the marketmaker allowing this travesty in RENN stock price!

    Ans if the NYSE had any brains at the top of upper management they would realize no more big listings for China companies on the NYSE, obviously they only get a fair shake on the Nasdaq! Somebody find the Rolling Stone article and post the link to it, we need an investigation by congress of the NYX and GOLDMAN SACHS, (you scratch my back and I will scratch yours action, just give me my cut hey NYSE?)

    No China stock has ever made a serious run north on the NYSE ever!!!! What are the odds all ten or so that have run in the last ten years have run on the NASDAQ? That is what I thought, I rest my case.

    NYX making fun of lawsuits for Nasdaq from FB should be concerned with lawsuits against it for far worse reasons.

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    • As a retired broker I agree with your thoughts and I can see that the NASD, SEC have been in co hoots for years taking the small investors out of small cap stocks and also eliminating small brokerage firms who try to support very small float companies and they allow the naked short sellers to run most companies out of biz. I'm ashamed to admit I'm in a free country when I see the injustice being done to investors and we wonder why people would rather go to the local casinos where they feel they have better oddds.

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