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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Sep 26, 2012 8:58 PM Flag

    Proof why you want to avoid the NYSE stocks and only trade Nasdaq if your a retail trader

    This will save you a ton of money, buy RENN before it goes on its BIDU run after 2 years of manipulation!

    I just looked at a stock QIHU, looked pretty good to me till I saw it was a China stock on the NYSE

    The NYSE means I do not trade it and risk my money in a rigged scam market. UNTIL NYSE lets RENN go to 30 dollars, where the market wants it to be with hardly any sellers, I will continue to warn everyone on this board and about 30 other boards that will reach so many eyeballs it will effect the scam market knows by the NYSE! You see the NYSE and the scam they have going with Goldman Sachs cost me only about 35,000 but I plan to cost the NYSE 1 Billion if I keep posting the truth with proof and facts everyday for the the forseeable future. I will not stop posting unless RENN is above 15 dollars by Oct expiration! I am to the point I do not care if I lose the last 30,000 I have in RENN! I will make it back with my puts on GOOG and AMZN

    RENN IPO's around 26 went to 28 and then for 2 years straight and only on the NYSE scam exchange where one person sets the price instead of a balance of supply and demand true price like the Nasdaq achieves. You see Zuckerberg is smart to get listed on the Nasdaq, he wants to know what the real market thinks his stock and company is worth. And yes the nasdaq screwed up the IPO of Facebook but after all that was done and over worth the market set an actual price for his stock and his company, a fair price, that is why it went down, it had to and needed to! If the same screwup had happened on the NYSE, one crooked rich arshole could have bullied everyone and forced FB to go to 10 to trade when it would have never broke 15 on the Nasdaq because of real buyers watching from the sidelines that the nasdaq market and Knight take seriously. The NYSE does not count the retail guys, it shows favoritism and puts its interest and the hedge funds wishes above all else!

    Believe me, do not buy any stock on the NYSE because they are cheating, opening trading and quotes 12-16 seconds after a halt for the retail trader after letting institutions and proprietory traders trade for that 12-16 seconds before you the retail ever got a chance to.

    Look at all your stocks, I bet you are doing better in the stocks listed on the Nasdaq then on the NYSE! The NYSE will learn a big lesson when millions of retail traders are trading Nasdaq stocks and avoiding NYSE stocks like the plague because it is an unfair tradingenvironment the NYSE refuses to make fair like the Nasdaq for the little guy!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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