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  • ruby.thedyke ruby.thedyke Mar 16, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    Back to $60!

    That didn't take long. It may not hold of course, but barring a market correction (or crash), I bet $63-64 is possible in the next couple months, at which time Criswell predicts, they'll hit the market again.

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    • good luck & do becareful, we printed up the previoulsy linked pages along w/ a handful more and distributed to our POA as well as our friends in realestate, banking, and various other local establishments. after about 2 weeks our UPS driver and good friend (that we had given the printout to & who's soon works for the SBI) came by the house on a non-official visit w/ a message from his son to drop it and get the printouts back before something happened to us. said it was a fed issue not a state play and it was being watched????? anyway we pulled the printouts back that we could get but told everyone of the situation, figured if something happened to us we wanted all to know who did it.

    • Thanks Marv. I guess the real problems are the owners of these stores, not the employees, who evidently are sometimes not paid, as was the case with the 3 Ukrainian girls that GLS just posted in a YouTube link.

    • Thanks GLS. I am familiar with the 'Waves' store in Surf City. That YouTube clip about the strong arm tactics of the owner of the 'Waves' store was very revealing. It doesn't sound like the Surf City authorities were aware of the earlier NJ law case you gave a link to earlier. It does seem that crooks are operating with abandon in a system with little or no enforcement capability. Good luck with your situation. I'll certainly spread the word in Surf City.

    • the 2 guys that are currently building are henry shitrit w/ waves and extreme surf and skate and Hazy (thats all i can get on him) w/ Tsunami... both have shops in myrtle beach/ sneads ferry/ surf city / and now Ocean isle beach. Eagles moved in last year w/ a 10k foot store and that was their 30th store, stores in NC and SC. just heard today that the waves/extreme owner has called the state in to stop the tsunami openning due to installing non windload windows that were not included in submitted plans (no idea how he knew what windows his competition was putting in). hazy offered my wife a job at the store 2 nights ago... said he pay her real good and ask how many people lived full time at oib (looking for workers), she responded "around 400 on island full time", hazy asked 400K? wtf, before i drop 1.5 mil plus on a lot and building i sure as heck would do enough research on an area to tell if the population was 400 or 400k. they've taken myrtle beach but just don't see what they see in this town. not enough customers to sustain this amount of retail. henry likes ukrain girls, check this out off our local wway.

      stiffed the employees and threatened their lawyer.

    • If you go to Key West,Miami,Myrtle Beach etc you will find more of the same. They are either owned by Israel's-Indian-Pakastani-Palestine- etc. Anywhere you have cash business' you will find one of above. After the Army Israelis travel and we get those who are either in malls selling cosmetics at kiosks or T shirt stores. They stay for about 6 mos and go home or become one of illegal 11 million. At least they work and spend their money here.

    • GLS- Just curious, do these characters own one or all of those large beachside outlets called "Waves", "Wings", "Crocodile", "Shark Attack", or the like that sell all sorts of cheap junk from China. They seem to employ mainly Israelis from what I have noticed.

    • thanks for the thoughtful advice, i did not mean to turn the mwe board into a small business helpline... but thanks. we are working the options at current. we have 4 semi fulltime employees and 2 more very seasonal (10weeks) and all options involve letting atleast 1/2 of them go. we are well liked by the small local population but the tourist go where the lights are the brightest and product is the cheapest (even if the product is just that, cheap junk). looking to greener pastures on nearby islands w/ larger populations and less competition. understand it's best to be flexible and mobile if needed. thanks for the advice & helpful words and keep up the good work w/ posting MWE info, i read both of your post almost every day.
      thank you

    • Hi money:

      My hardware store was larger and had 4 employees but the town had only 1000 people. It was profitable but the work got harder and the profits slimmer and finally we decided to get out. So luckily we were able to and did.

      Sometimes we work so hard, we don't see there is a better way and we just plod along.
      Its a shame but it happens over and over.

    • Hi mkyhld:
      You must be a few years older than me. I thought it was in his fireside chat at the beginning of the war.

    • gl no one can give you the right advice that you do not already know. if yours is or can be a one person shop you can possibly survive but margin may shrink a lot. My dad was a strong willed and very well liked person in our little community. He ran a one man grocery store in a small town of 6,000 people for 60 years. He went to his store every day, including Sundays for those 60 years. 20 of those years were great and he competed with the safeways that moved into town late in that 20 year cycle by giving credit. He built wealth during those first 20 years. The next twenty years were beak even or a little profitable (he became a local politician to supplement his business earnings and pay the bills and feed and educate his family but never built any further wealth). The last 20 years were run at a loss and he consumed "all" of his wealth he accumulated in the first 20 years, but he could not let go of his store which was okay with him because it is what made him get up every day and all of the local people loved him

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