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  • momentum_play momentum_play Jan 20, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Why is this not at $60

    It should be at least that high.

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    • Momentum Play:
      Actually I think you are low-balling MWE and its growth potential

      I think MWE is worth $70 to $80 now .
      Burt I am satisfied to be adding to my position at these levels I continue to buy (3% additional units in 2012) at these levels because they are very cheap, to bulk up my account and grow the mostly tax deferred income stream. The low (IMHO) prices allow me to add more units to provide more income to cover living expenses and inflation. My wife and I are retired for 9 1/2 years with no pension -Only SS and income from the market
      The market is very inefficient and to be successful investing in it one has to know the company and its future prospects and buy when you believe it is underpriced and not be concerned with why others are selling. If you have done your Due Diligence you will know more than the uninformed that don't and are selling.

      Good luck


    • Boy you asked for it.......B&W going to give ya his opinion!

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      • Hi Chrxind:

        ///Boy you asked for it.......B&W going to give ya his opinion!///

        I'm willing to bet that a lot of people made money over the years reading my opinions on this message board..
        I've made serious money by reading information here that others had posted and and attending 4 MWE investor conferences over the years and spending many countless hours digging up information on the internet and posting it here. The feedback (Both positive and negative) have helped me make money and I hope I have helped others as much as they have helped me.

        One more opinion right now---------

        I haven't a clue as to what price MWE will trade at in the short term. However in the long term MWE will trade for much higher prices. The bulk of the profits will come from the growth of the mostly tax deferred distributions that can be dripped every quarter until you need them to live on.Additional units bought will magnify your quarterly distributions and at low relative prices it become similar to "A Perpetual Money Making Machine" The current price is an absolute steal and an oportunity to buy more cheap units and lock in a growing revenue stream which will help build a solid retirement for whoever can understand what I'm saying. The opportunity now is to invest and not gamble.

        Good Luck