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  • nymarv10956 nymarv10956 Jan 30, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    Is MWE in the DRIP program ?

    If so what is protocol to sign up ? What mlp's are enrolled in it if possible ? How does schwab handle it ? Thanking you in advance

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    • at vanguard it is very simple They have a self managed screen that allows one to select to either re invest vs deposit to money market account the dividends/distributions. Only key is it must be done during trading hours

    • Marv - What are you asking? If it is does MWE have a DRIP program the answer is yes. It is handled by the transfer agent but offers no discount or benefits. Probably no good. If you are asking about a DRIP program, then as B&W stated you need to contact your broker.

      Most will reinvest dividends/distributions at no cost. You need to ask them how and when they are reinvested. For example, at TD ameritrade companies like ETP and EPD that offer a discount on reinvestment are called specials. Every broker has different requirements for signing up for these. TD requires you notify them via telephone. Some brokers do not participate.

      Am not aware of an general DRIP program that exists.


    • I have some units in a "drip" at TD Ameritrade The only thing they require is to notify them BEFORE THE X-Div Date for the next distribution. A friend of mine has MWE on "drip" at Schwab. I believe the requirments are the same but I'm not sure. If you are interested call Shwab today and do it. It takes about 1 minute or less to do. At TD Ameritrade they receive the money on the payment date and it is dripped the next afternoon. No commissions but you have no control over the price you get. Sometimes its in the high range of the day and sometimes the low end.. if you are investing for the Long Term it really don't make a difference. The drip is figured out to 4 decimal places, and the following quarter you will receive the distribution on all the units and the 4 decimal part of the unit you own.
      I have used "drips" for many years with many securities and it is a very efficient way to bulk up your portfolio account value .

      good luck