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    For those interested in the miniscule details of Mariner West Project here is an example of planning permit issued in Beaver Co, Pa

    The regular monthly meeting of the Beaver County Planning Commission was held at 12:30 p.m., on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at the Beaver County Courthouse in the Planning Commission Conference Room.

    * * * * * * *
    Present: Ms. Egley, Messrs. Bragg, LaValle, Mitch, Rosatone, Stuber, & Zagorski

    Absent: Ms. Barness & Charlton

    Staff: Frank Mancini, Jr., Director of Planning & Economic Development
    Joseph C. West, Department Manager of Planning William C. Evans, Associate Planner
    Doniele Russell Shared Greenways & Environmental Planner & Susan M. Jamery, Senior Admin. Asst.

    Solicitor: Attorney Sam Orr

    Guests: Jim Shaner, of BC Cons Dist (BCCD)

    Approval of previous meeting minutes
    A motion was made by Mr. Zagorski and seconded by Mr. LaValle to approve the minutes of the November 20, 2012
    meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


    Projects Status – Mr. Mancini & Ms. Russell summarized the report & noted that: On the Stormwater Management Project (Act 167) – DEP has started the technical review. On the Greenways & Trails – Ohio River Trail -North Shore – Pashek has been retained as the Consultant & the kick off meeting was held. Field observations will be done when the weather breaks. Coraopolis has decided to proceed with the project to connect the Montour Trail to the Sewickley Bridge. Floodplain – 2013 Conference will be held in Erie, they are looking for a location now, and the 2014 will be held in the Philadelphia/Port Jarvis Area. Raccoon Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan. – headed by Independence Marsh Conservancy, who received a grant for this project. Kick off meeting was held in December. They will have monthly meetings and Ms. Russell is on the Steering Committee and this project will be added to the Project Status report. Ms. Egley is also on the Steering Committee.

    Subdivisions for Review and Report (Major)
    North Ambridge Retail Center
    Ambridge Boro 8 Lots

    After staff’s review and Mr. Mancini gave a brief overview of the area (as the Redevelopment Authority of BC was involved in this project), a motion was made by Mitch and seconded by Mr. Bragg to accept staff comments on the plans & forward to Ambridge Borough. Motion carried unanimously.

    Subdivisions for Review and Report (Minor)
    Brodhead Garden Apts Subdiv Lutz-Fisher 2012 Pl #1 Lewis Plan (Resubmission)
    (David-Brodhead Road Pl) Franklin Twp Independence Twp
    Center Twp

    Proposed Land Developments
    Center Township – Brodhead Garden Apts LD – plans to construct 3 buildings containing 15 units on Brodhead Rd (SR 3007).
    After staff review, a motion was made by Mr. Rosatone and seconded by Mr. LaValle to accept staff comments and forward to Center Township. Motion carried unanimously.

    Proposed Zoning Ordinances/Amendments
    Big Beaver Boro (2), New Brighton Boro, & New Sewickley Twp - After staff review, a motion was made by Mr. Mitch and seconded by Ms. Egley to accept staff comments and forward to the respective municipalities. Motion carried unanimously.

    Page 2

    (For information only no action necessary)
    Air Quality Permits
    Midland Boro - WHEMCO Steel Castings, Inc. – Permit for their facility located at One 12th Street.
    Encroachment Permits
    Aliquippa, Ambridge, Hopewell & South Heights – Hanson Aggregates BMC, Inc. – Permit modification to encroachment permit to commercial sand and gravel dredging of the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.
    Harmony Twp – Columbia Gas of PA Inc. – Permit for the Ambridge Avenue Pipeline Replacement Project.
    Potter Twp – MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources, LLC – Permit for the Mariner West Pipeline Project.

    NPDES Permits
    Big Beaver Boro – Koppel Reservoir Dam Breaches – Permit for break of the 2 Koppel Reservoir dams & restoration of the Stockman Run stream channel.
    Chippewa Twp – Chippewa Twp Sanitary Auth (CTSA) – Chippewa Twp Sanitary Auth (CTSA) Office Complex Project.
    Greene Twp – South Side Elementary School – Site Improvements at the South Side Elementary School.
    Raccoon Twp – Horsehead Corp. – NPDES Permit Amendment Application – Permit Number PA0002208.

    Solid Waste Permits

    Greene Twp – construction certification report – Lil Blue Run – For Central Geotube 2012 -2 - Little Blue Run Residual Waste Disposal Impoundment.

    Oil & Gas Permits
    Darlington Twp – Chesapeake Energy (Four Bees by the Sea, LLC Location) – Four Bees by the Sea, LLC Location on Cannelton Road.
    Potter Twp – MarkWest Liberty Midstream & Resources, LLC Permit for the Mariner West Pipeline Project.
    South Beaver Twp – Chesapeake Energy (Kirkwood Pad) – Kirkwood Pad on Hodgson Road.

    Other Permits
    Shippingport Boro – First Energy Corporation – Permit for the construction of dry cask storage system & site improvements.


    Endorsement/Consistency Letters - (Approval/Ratification – A or R)
    • Patterson Twp – Betters Real Estate Holdings – 5 res. Bldgs., utilities & a street (A)
    • Chippewa Twp – Chippewa Twp Sanitary Auth (CTSA) Office Complex – ( A)
    • Big Beaver Boro – Koppel Reservoir Dam Breaches (A)

    After Mr. Mancini briefly summarized the above projects, a motion was made by Ms. Egley and seconded by Mr. Bragg to accept/ratify the letters. Motion carried unanimously.

    Misc. /Informational
    • Chesapeake Tour - Mr. West stated that he will get a few available dates from Chesapeake & coordinate a date with the Board members .
    • Upgraded GIS Functions – Mr. Mancini stated that we are trying to upgrade our GIS functions and additional staff may be necessary for this.
    • Marcellus Shale Forum – is being coordinated by Ms. Egley on Jan 17, 2013 from 9 – 11 am at CCBC. Ms. Egley will email the flyer for the Forum to Ms. Jamery to be included in the January 2012 meeting packet.
    • Happy Holidays – Mr. Mancini wished everyone a very happy holiday season, and everyone echoed this same greeting.


    There being no further business, Mr. Zagorski made the motion to adjourn and Mr. Rosatone seconded. Motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned.