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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Feb 21, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Yahoo will not let me post new sxl update on mariner east and mariner west and their new mariner south project with etp-go to mwe iv board to read

    very very informative. it is free to read under investorvillage board under mwe symbol

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    • trying to reply to myself in 2 posts

      Mariner South JV with ETP

      "...In that regard, we are actively pursuing a joint project to export NGLs from the Gulf Coast. The project would originate at the Lone Star fractionation facility in Mont Belvieu and connect with Sunoco Logistics line that runs to our Nederland Terminal.

      Similar to our Mariner East project, we are exporting NGLs from the East Coast. This project, which we are calling Mariner South would have an NGL export capability from the Gulf Coast..,.No, we would have to be building tankage in Nederland. I mean, it’s an NGL export project. So the goal will be for us to build some tankage in the Nederland to support the exporting. So we’re working on it. Very similar as I have been saying similar to our Mariner East project, which will have storage in Marcus Hook to feed the export market. This will be very similar....And would you envision somewhat of to Mariner East, a mix of both ethane and propane. Do you think this be more propane oriented?
      Mike Hennigan - President and CEO

      Right now, expectation is more propane and heavier but we’ll see as we get into more of the details but for right now our thinking is that propane, butane, that type of product....Bradley Olsen - Tudor Pickering

      Couple of quick ones from me. First, on the Mariner South project, do you view the Mariner South project announcement as impacting in anyway the prospects for a Mariner East expansion?
      Mike Hennigan - President and CEO

      They are pretty much separate projects. The Gulf Coast is really long NGLs and in our view, it will continue to go longer and longer. We’ve been looking for an opportunity to get Nederland into the NGL business and we’ve been studying that phenomenon for a while, and it’s this great situation that we’ve ended up being part of the family, partnerships with Energy Transfer that have accelerated our project there.

      So, as we came together, Lone Star obviously has great facilities, fractionation facilities and they’re looking to export, and then we have a terminal that we can do that and within the family it’s just a great synergy and it’s our hope that you are going to see more and more of these come out of our family....And then as I said earlier, we hope to get to a point where we can announced Mariner South as a done deal and Permian Express II and Mariner East II. So we still think we’ve got a lot of great organic stuff in front of us, but we’ll stay active and if something makes sense for us at the right number then, we will try and participate in the acquisition market as well....John Edwards - Credit Suisse

      Okay. And then are you expecting -- well, I guess it is too early to tell about the open season, but I guess you are expecting some element of ethane exports from Mariner South?
      Mike Hennigan - President and CEO

      It’s too earlier to tell. I mean, we will see what the interest is but right now the interest that we’ve seen is more on the propane and butane side of the equation. I mean, what happens in all these projects just like Mariner East is we try and get a feel from the market to see if there is interest. We try and get a feel for what the producers and consumers are looking for. And then we set up the open season, such that we can find out more definitively.

      We did that with Mariner East. We did know prior to it, that it would come out to two-thirds, one third. Like I say, we were happy that we were over subscribed for it, happy and disappointed at the same time. We wished we had a little more capacity but that tell us there is obviously still market interest beyond the capabilities and that’s why we quickly went into Mariner East space too.

      So we’re working that now trying to understand the interest level just like we did on Mariner East. Same thing on Mariner South is we’re anxious to get out and have the open season and find out for sure where the interest is. And our hope is that we’ll come back to you shortly and say there is interest in Mariner South. And this is what it look likes and it’s a go project. But for right now, we’re just -- we just at a point where we got it well to check the market...."