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  • steveh8000 steveh8000 Mar 18, 2013 4:58 AM Flag

    Oil & Gas 5x bagger

    I own many MLP's and other oil & gas investments. I study the landscape of the sector looking for stable dividend cash flow, growth, and value. I bought MWE considering all of those traits, and it has paid off to date as a very good investment However I would like to find a 5x bagger home run hit once in awhile, and I have found one to share with those on this msg. board.......Linc Energy, and Aussie company trading on the ASX: LNC and Nasdaq OTC: LNCYF or OTCQX: (International Exchange) as LNCGY. The OTCQX shares represent 1 ADR = 10 ordinary shares of the Aussie exchange for Linc and also reflect the $$ exchange rate in the trade price. I have done 4 weeks of DD research into Linc and compiled a 16 page report for my trust managed broker/advisor before buying the stock. He gave me the thumbs up after reading the report.

    Do your own DD, and homework, validate your risk. As a teaser consider this.....Linc Energy is the only company in the world who has developed a process to recover underground coal seam energy never before recoverable because it was too deep, or two remote to be mined. The coal energy released comes out as synthetic gas recoverable on the surface, and turned into diesel, A-1 jet fuel, or natrual gas for power generation. This technology you must read about to understand it's potential to double the known world coal energy resources, cheaper than ever before. Consider this.....Coal energy can be captured from sub-sea coal seam resources, never done before in the history of coal production, and it's all done using the underground coal chamber as the controlled oven. Good Luck to all on your investments, this one is worth lookin at for a 5x bagger near term 10 to 24 months. Linc also owns 16 million acres of lease rights on a new find called the Arckaringa Basin in Queensland, one of the largest shale/oil find's in the the process of selling five partnership lease developments by mid 2013 with upfront money over $1.2B

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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