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  • xdubson xdubson Mar 28, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

    MWE is very important to hold $60 level.

    I heard many positive and promising commentaries on this board about Markwest. I like high % quarterly increased distributions but compare to other MLP stock this one is looks to me as more speculative play. I hope you guys correct and stock will move on, but it needs to break very hard psychological resistance at $60 level. This time could be different. I'm believe in Markwest that is why I'm still holding shares in this company, with a big BUT. All distribution I reinvest in a different company which is more stable with good performance and dividends. Good luck to everyone.

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    • More speculative than what? You always have lots of generalities. Take a look at the full list of MLPs - there are almost exactly 100 - and some 15 were down today. No idea how you state there is "huge selling pressure". If there was huge selling pressure it would have closed down and been further down in after hours. Instead it closed up and is up in AH when EPD, ETP and the other big name MLPs are down in AH trades. And yes, I agree they do not mean very much - probably as much as the action today.

      THE Alerian is at an all time high and one of the reasons is rising NG and NGL pricing. If those recent changes hold it means lots of profits to midstream MLPs.


    • Huge selling pressure for the stock. MWE has the lowest % increase today in my MPL list. Let's hope stock will recover from $45-$60+ circle.

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