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  • intarz intarz Apr 1, 2013 8:05 PM Flag

    CHK Marketing Utica and Marcellus Properties

    Says it will concentrate on Eagle Ford and market Utica and Marcellus properties in Ohio and Pa that it considers less valuable"

    I don't believe I ever used the term "less valuable" when I tried to sell something. LOL.

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    • intarz I listened to their cc call this morning and just re read the transcript and I did not get the same impression you did. They only said they are marketing small peripheral packages around the country. Because infrastructure is not yet able to keep up with drilling in Marcellus/Utica they would not get ahead of themselves in drilling Utica in 2013 but would accelerate in Utica in 2014. They said they would dedicate 35% of their 2013 capital budget to eagle ford completions in 2013 ie infrastructure in place.

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      • Probably the case. I read the Reuters article and saw the quote and found it amusing. One of the large news services is supposed to be coming out with an article shortly that people say will be critical of the Utica. Supposedly the drop off rate on the wells is rather pronounced. The BTU rate is running around 1250 so there should be a lot of stripping action, if the gas holds up. I read Rex's 4/1/13 presentation. They have some really good stats on both the Utica and Butler Marcellus and Upper Devonian Burkett shale. They just announced some very solid wells in the Utica south. Two things that surprised me is that their Upper Devonian wells in Butler are stronger than their Marcellus. Both are huge at around 9.5 bcf/eur to 9.7 bcf/eur. The way I read their data they are placing higher EUR's on their Butler wells than in the Utica. I figure in the next year to 18 months the true economics of the Utica should become more clear. Its a winner the question to me is how much.