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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics May 11, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

    SXL provides update on Mariner West/East

    Both Mariner West and Mariner East are the result of a terrific relationship with MarkWest that started several years ago....Our Mariner West project, which will deliver ethane to the Sarnia marketplace is expected to startup in the July, August timeframe with initial volumes in the 20,000 barrels a day range ramping up to 50,000 barrels a day by the end of the first quarter 2014.

    Final engineering and construction are underway for our Mariner East Phase I project. This project will deliver ethane and propane from the Marcellus to Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, where it will be processed, stored and distributed to local, regional and international markets. Total capacity is approximately 70,000 barrels per day and we expect to be able to deliver propane by the second half of 2014 and both ethane and propane in the first half of 2015.

    As you are aware, propane is already being exported from the terminal today as the northeast is long and will continue to go longer NGLs as the Marcellus and Utica develop further....We are receiving propane today by truck and rail for export with the ability to handle additional products. And with the completion of our Mariner East Phase I project, Marcus Hook will have even more capability and flexibility to meet customer needs with the ability to expand on the 800 acre site.

    Mariner East Phase II is in development as the production in the Marcellus and Utica continue to grow necessitating additional NGL takeaway capacity needed in the basin. We believe a northeast hub at Marcus Hook able to handle the full suite of NGL products to supply local and regional demand as well as providing access to the export market will be very attractive to producers and industrial consumers....

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    • Hey money;

      Just to let ya know, was at Majorsville yesterday and noted a good bit of work has been done in yhe padt month. Fact as far as I could determine, part of the plant may be operational, or perhaps under dry run ops/testing. Pipeline work is well underway there also. I' feed back more later.

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      • I went by the plant in Houston on Thursday. I take it the Crane near the clearing and the highway is part of the Deethanizer. I am looking forward for this to come into operation and see what effect it has on RRC's bottom line.

      • go to mwe board at investors village where i posted some pictures of Mariner West pipe being laid NW of Pittsburgh close to Ohio River and 376 (Racoon Creek at Gums Run Road.Raccoon Twp). comments are from go marcellus

        Reply by lennie c miller on March 17, 2013 at 12:58pm--
        they are installing pipe at mcmicheals heading north. they also started on the north side of the river setting up to bore under route 376 between beaver and brighton twp eixt.they are also clearing the row between mudlick and sebring road,and they are working in gums run hallow. there is a rumor of a pump station beening installed in that area.

        Reply by craig on March 18, 2013 at 1:05am--
        My understanding is that this pipeline N of the river and under 376 is going to head to a group of tanks just East of 376. One of the landowners in the area where the pipeline is going through said that's what the map showed. From there I don't know where they are going.

        Reply by Jerome M Rosenberger on March 19, 2013 at 7:22pm--
        The row is 100 ft wide and 200ft at river. Pretty big for one line. BUT they are only clearing 50 ft for now. Maybe waiting for Shell to announce.

        Reply by Jerome M Rosenberger on April 9, 2013 at 1:29pm-
        The pipeline segment north of the Ohio River Construction to begin on April 15, 2013. Told they will be working 7days 24 hrs around the clock. Expected completion Aug. 2013.
        Land clearing on ROW almost completed as of today.They have been working 6 day a week to get it done.

        Reply by Jerome M Rosenberger on April 23, 2013 at 9:54pm-
        If you have not run on Rt 18 near Nova Chemical in are missing the show.Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma is in the former Kobuta Hotel . They have a storage and equiptment behind were the old appartments buildings( ARMY style buildings) were. They are setting the river bore up. punch out locations north of Rt 68 marked on roads. work is to start ASAP. I heard they are going to work 7-24

      • Forgot to note, railcars in appear to be increasing. Nice size train. See the un-official W&LE railway bulletin board "yestetdays 212 video from Matt on 5/7/2013 8:32 pm.

    • money thxs for the updated article i have been following mariner east and west since the inception a big win win for our team
      u know i was skeptical when b and w
      started throwing thatb 100.00 per share number around however as each project nears fruition he may be right.
      look forward to your great reporting along with intarz and chrxind and ake and b and w
      and the others to numerous to mention.
      this board better then all those so called experts.
      good investing

    • Keys Points from Downstream Today article 10 May 2013:

      "We plan to create a world-class natural-gas liquids hub on the East Coast," Hennigan said.
      Sunoco Logistics, based in Philadelphia, announced Wednesday that it had acquired the refinery for $60 million from its former parent company, Sunoco Inc. Both companies are affiliated with Energy Transfer Partners L.P., a Texas pipeline firm that acquired Sunoco last year.

      The Marcus Hook refinery, which has five deepwater berths, will become the anchor for Sunoco Logistics' Mariner East project, which will transport natural-gas liquids like propane and butane through an existing pipeline from Western Pennsylvania for loading onto oceangoing vessels in Marcus Hook.
      The Mariner East project is scheduled to go on line in late 2014.

      "The Marcellus liquids today are finding their way to the coast and we're loading ships as we speak," he said.
      Demand is so high for outlets to move fuels out of the Marcellus region that the company is planning to expand the Mariner East project, whose capacity is constrained by the size of the 8-inch-diameter pipeline.

      The company has budgeted $600 million to complete the Marcus Hook connection as well as a second project, Mariner West, which is converting an existing pipeline to transport natural-gas liquids from Western Pennsylvania to Ontario.

      The Mariner projects are in competition with other companies that want to build or convert pipelines from the Marcellus region in Appalachia to the Gulf Coast. Hennigan said he believes much of the material is destined for export, so it makes more sense to transport it to port by the shorter Keystone State route.
      "Our view is that traveling 300 miles is much more competitive than traveling all the way down to the Gulf Coast to achieve the same end result of meeting the exports," he said.

      IMO thinking a new pipeline project is in the works across PA to compensate for the currrent 8-inch line limitation.

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      • Ship day rates go as high as $25k to $30k per day.......12 knots+ = 1 day to travel 300 miles. Gulf Coast refinery around Florida easy another 1500 miles / 5.2 days times the average ship day rate is big money. Dock space is a key factor, and ships enter & leave on the high tides...parking spots are needed to match 24 hr. pipe supply loading. More hulls are under construction to fill future demand.

      • Given the distressed neighborhood Marcus Hook is in and the 450 jobs estimated for the announced project already, a new pipeline would have overwhelming political 800 acres Marcus Hook is big enough for a set of fractionation towers and new tanks,too. And being a former refinery site means no environmental concerns,either.....