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  • nymarv10956 nymarv10956 May 26, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    Nobody asked me but a note about last week

    This last week has given some investors in mlp's an excellent chance to see what the future holds for a select group of mlp,s. I have stated that 2013-2015 is the golden age for the group as major projects are being started and finished that will reshap the oil and gas USA scene. Since the stock market appears to be in a treacherous mode from June to Sept.and the possibility of a market retrenchment a distinct possibility I implore the middle of road MWE interested parties to listen or read the transcripts for MWE NGLS SXL MMP last week meetings. There are others also available that are equally advantageous in the mid stream arena. Just FYI

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    • I agree there is a ton of opportunity but I am not discounting the risks. I think a lot of what is being built now is anticipating the USA exporting a huge amount of LNG, NGL's, and plastics. The potential is there but I personally fear the effect of world oversupply on price. Lets just say I am watching things closely and will not be adverse to selling and taking my profits. This whole scene is starting to remind me too much like March 2002.

    • NGLS and MMP both inked long term deals with Philips 66....all are good picks. Phillips (PSX) will spin off some assets to form a new MLP, IPO to happen second half of 2013 sometime. Symbol PSXP will have a series of assets to bring into the new IPO, and more down the road from partners. I am ready to pounce on this IPO right out of the gate when it's offered. Dividends and growth, as these partners make deals and join hands to consolidate the energy market.