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  • ake05bono ake05bono Oct 2, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    For Nymarv

    Hi,Nymarv!! In answer to your query about the JV pipeline let me refer you to the MWE/KMP press release of August 7th announcing the JV. If you scroll down to the paragraph headed by " Key Elements of the NGL Pipeline Project" you will find this sentence:" ...and the construction of approximately 200 miles of new NGL pipeline from Natchitoches(LA) to Mont Belvieu,(TX), AND OR SOUTH LOUISIANA . (Caps are mine!!). In the q&A section of the MWE CC on aug 8th you will note that Frank Semple was vague on where the integrated fractionation and marketing service would be located on the Gulf Coast. He also said, " ....and I'm comfortable saying that,on a combined basis, that it will be over $2billion"...,Now when EPD is a little vague as to where in LA or TX it will locate its' next, just announced export terminal you kind of get the feeling that EPD is inviting the KMP/MWE to have lunch somewhere to kind of kick around where $3billion or so will be invested!! And let us laugh thinking of how Gov Rick Perry of TX and Gov Bobby Jindal of LA will break their butts trying to get invitations to that lunch!!! Best Regards

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    • Having traveled in La the JV KMP/MWE is not a easy 200 miles. They could have other possibilities as Lake Charles-Port Arthur La and Beaumont before reaching Mt Belieu which is now becoming a export channel I don't believe it is a 4Q15 possiblity because 2 states and permitting and construction. I have to look at KMP pipeline map to see if they can connect with another segment of another KMP KMI unit At anyrate it is an add on project and not one of 20 or so to be finished

    • I believe the important metric at this time, is that im all the" First Moving" that Frank Semple had MarkWest doing in the past few years when others feared to, has put MarkWest at the grown ups dinner table and a big part of "going Forward Policy" We have come a long way in the past few years and it appears that we still have a way to go. The $85 Credit Suisse projection and the $90 JP Morgan price projection will be passed in time as new developments occur and get accomplished and the MWE price powered by an ever increasing distribution will get pushed up in time to dwarf those $85 and $90 price projections