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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics May 9, 2014 12:02 AM Flag

    With bluegrass y grade line to GOM put on hold how is the KMP/MWE project progressing-from cc

    John D. Edwards - Okay. That's really helpful. And are you seeing more interest in the joint venture pipeline proposal with Kinder, since the suspension of funding from the competing NGL pipeline?

    Frank M. Semple - Well, really, John, the interest level is really more a function of what I discussed earlier. Is -- with both projects, when there were 2 projects in the market being evaluated by us and our producer customers, it was a more complex analysis for our producer customers. But the level of interest, if you will, in terms of really getting to a final agreements on the project, really, has not really changed that much, with the recent announcements by the Bluegrass Project sponsors. The producers really have -- they get it, they understand the balance in the Northeast for purity products and the need for Y-grade project. And so, really, it's just been a continuation of that evaluation, much more on a physical standpoint in terms of really what it means to them from the production standpoint as well as additional fractionation facilities built by us and other midstream providers in the Northeast. So, and Randy is here

    Randy S. Nickerson -
    Yes. Absolutely. They way you'd articulated, I agree 100%, they've never had a lack of interest or necessarily have more now. It's -- as we build more plants, and as we're developing the area, most of the producers understand that, they -- we all want optionality. And so integrating sort of our fractionation with the pipeline has been a key part of discussion for more than a year obviously, with most of the producers. And so that the interest was high, and it remains high. And it does simplify that Bluegrass is not funding anymore. And so we'll see whether there's enough support and it matches all the producers to -- over the next several months to see if we can make some significant progress.

    Frank M. Semple -
    John, you and I talked about this before, but the fact is that there's -- there are a lot of considerations and a lot of analysis going on by our producer customers. And we're trying to help them with that. But there's just, frankly, a lot of things they need to consider and evaluate and a great example is the recent focus around the residue capacity. And that's just another piece of the complexity that's -- that they're dealing with. So the Y grade is one of the many projects they're looking at. And again our job is to continue to help them evaluate the different options that Randy mentioned.

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    • ACMP talks about getting it's NGLs out of marcellus and joining a pileline going south. Also talks of joining ATEX after a hookup is in place. This will happen, it just a matter of mass moving it south as NE cannot absorb what ACMP MWE is fractionating soon

    • The decision as to whether the Y pipeline goes through is to me pretty simple: if Antero wants it good things will happen. Within the next year, Antero will represent 30+% of the MWE Marcellus/Utica action..and you think MWE will commit without Antero? Antero can base load the Y line easily....

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      • Antero looks like they might be coming on board. CEO Paul Rady from CC - -
        Well on the Antero midstream infrastructure, yes, we try to stay ahead of the production and the drilling and I think we’re doing that. We don’t see a lot of constraints today, really we have maybe two wells waiting on pipe in the Marcellus. So it's pretty free flowing, get line pressures and such. On the take away, on the gas side you have seen this ramp up to now 2.6 Bcf a day and we continue to look at all the projects and there is real advantage there to be in the early mover. You end up with the we think the lowest cost take away and we think we have done a good job with that. There is a slide in the presentation on that and then now we started to focus on the liquids side as you've seen with supporting Mariner East II which is still in open season. But we are confident that that project will go forward as well as we will be looking at Y-grade pipeline projects to Bellview. So that’s kind of the next area of focus.

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