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  • eranwu eranwu Jul 30, 2010 12:22 PM Flag

    Dear Share holder,

    As an AMR investor I can see the reason this stock won't go up mainly caused by union cost dearly. So my suggestion is,
    Instead of buying LCC which will not reduce that burdon, why not ask LCC to buy AMR which would get rid of it altogether. Any take? Good luck.

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    • Yes theres tooooo much debt here to even consider a merge. Cal in a back room deal kicked the idea around last year and decided also Amr had to much debt to acquire. They supposedly have 5 billion in cash but cut out three billion for bk and theres the available cash and then figure how much are they burning on a daily basis. Wouldnt it be a surprise if we woke up one morning to find the parent company of amr shut the operation down claiming inability to come to an agreement with the various unions and venders claiming bk. If you like musical chairs why not ask Bob Crandall to reemrge from the past? i hate to say this but it getting to look like this is a headless snake going down. Hello Bob please come back we need your insight!!!!!!