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  • shakeyjake3023 shakeyjake3023 Jan 20, 2011 7:23 AM Flag

    Arpey has returned to failure mode.

    These guys are have a long track record of either mediocrity or outright failure.
    AMR needs a top-down management overhaul.

    But with the weak board members here it's not going to happen.

    Another 5 years with these guys and American will join the likes of Braniff, Eastern and PanAm.

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    • Go bankrupt. Reduce costs. Why not do like their competitors?

    • They are not performing
      blaming labor and legacy costs, but truth be told the SG&A are way out of whack due to gross mismanagement or the old Havard school model which is never make a profit pay no income taxes, by overcharging by each internal department. There are many Corp who continue to do this and get away with it.
      The IRS is so undermannned or polically paralyzed that they will never take action. A Big block shareholder like Appoloosa TPC Blackrock Carl Icahnn culd force a board ch ange a management change, but these folks would never touch this piece of crap. Clean house.

      Arpey is not the man to deliver he need to go IMHO.

      Gerald move over bring in a
      Chain Saw Dunlap Jr. Frank Lorenzo's daughter.