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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Apr 16, 2009 2:11 PM Flag

    Im short this overpriced merchant but....

    I hate bucking the trend and Im getting squeezed. This stock has to fight 2 headwinds. The economy in general and the market holding up. Forget what they said about "competitive landscape" and all that. If zales can go bankrupt and mom and pop stores go under, do you really think they will control the entire diamond business? Or will dept stores like macys and abercrombie rush in with massive marketing campaigns to undercut these guys. I cant see how they existed this long unless it is drug dealers and illegal money keeping the whole chain afloat. Personally anyone paying more than 5k for a piece of shiny coal is insane. Id buy my wife jacuzzi or take her to paris with the money these people charge. Yet...they say the trend is your friend, so I think wall st has bought into their marketing nonsense. I will cover half my position now and rebuy double when this thing goes under 19. In my opinion, as an aside, any decent human being who spends 10-20k on a piece of jewelery that they keep in their vault except for special occassions when they can literally go to africa, mexico or peru and save 10 or more childrens lives and provide them with at least a junior high school education and fresh food till they can go to work with that same money is, well......not a decent human being!!!! You can buy 20 women living in poverty sewing machines to make dresses and survive decently with the cost of that rock! I hope tiffanys goes under just as a statement that we americans have an "awakening of consciousness."

    But let us just turn our eyes as always until it all spills over into our borders like the mexican drug lords that are now threatening the safety of americans on the mexican border states! Yep.....keep buying diamonds and forget the poor.

    One day, a person wearing a diamond ring will make people shun them like the palague as people walk up to your wife and go "Is that real?" And then scurry away like you are a monster when you say..."yes." Everything changes. Diamonds may be forever, but not so our feelings about them. Historians in 1000 years willl be mortified at the poverty in our own country and how many jewelry stores there were!!!

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