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  • stuckinamobile stuckinamobile Aug 27, 2010 8:54 AM Flag

    Flimsy numbers MORE then priced into the current stock price

    Net income 19% increase over last year.....Guess what....EVERYONE is beating last year. It is mandated as part of the false "economic recovery" they are trying to get us to beleive is here. The questions is, is this stock worth it today. The stock is up over 25% this year. The stock is overpriced.

    These numbers, created by cost cutting and not necissarily a boom in sales.....Are more then priced into this stock. TIF is over priced at these levels. Reliance on Korean and foreign sales to sustain a growth in future sales is not real....Domestic sales will continue to falter badly as our ecomony continues to falter (in my opinion), The 10% of high end consumers who are spending and continuining to recive bonuses will not cover for the disaperaring middle class consumer who can no longe make mortgage let alone use equity to buy TIF bling.

    Sorry is not a good time and there is not a good justification to pay the premium for the stock of TIF.

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