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  • stuckinamobile stuckinamobile Aug 19, 2011 9:04 AM Flag

    Sorry, the diamonds are fake.....

    We all fell for it. Tiffany stock was run up from 18 in March, 2009. To 84 just last month. An unprecedented and totally unjustified 420 precent run up in just over two years. Lets review the recommendations. "Rich are still RICH", "Luxury Retailers not Effected by ....Anything"...."Global Growth good for Luxury Retailer".... The hype and lies go on and on ....And everyone bought into it. Now......the funds and institutions and BANKS that were provided free taxpayer money to buy in 2009 when everyone HAD to sell.....Are taking your profits. While they bought TIF (and the market) at 20 a share.....we all waited to 40, 50, 60......EVEN UP TO 84 last month .....becasue we were told "NOT TO MISS THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY" ..."YOU ARE STUPID NOT TO BUY IN THIS GREAT MARKET"....It was all a set up for Wall Street.....While you loose money in this sell off.....They make millions from your losses.

    And magically the headlines completly reverse from GLOBAL China stall..... The DOMESTIC economy....which we were told is in rip roaring recovery (darn unemployment) has somehow become a GLOBAL RECESSION....really??? have bee duped again......How much more of this are we going to take????

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    • Bwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
      You gotta love it!

    • My sense is that AMJC-holders are getting closer to Rebellion
      as more and more of them finally realize that they too were duped.

      Never buy a mutual-fund
      unless it has been approved by Investors' Liberation Movement.
      (Currently, none are.)

      Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.
      Warren Buffett

      • 3 Replies to whbuncensored
      • During the crash of 2008-2009 Warren Buffet lost it. His ability to earn money with money was in jepordy and he went crawling to the government to bail him out. He got the feds to call his holdings banks and they handed him over money with the agreement he help run up the market with the other "BANKS" and brokerage firms not defined as "BANKS". In exchange, he agreed to be their potsie. He sold out, and it is sad. Wall street took down the "nice guy" from Omahaw. He has no business in this cut throat market and he knew that. In excange for bailig him out he agreed to be their puffer. Recently he appealed for rich people to pay more taxes. He is pro givernment and sold himself out. It is sad to see. But at least I got a laugh when he asked the rich to step up and pay their share. Give me a break. The only people paying taxes are wage earners, small business, and middle indome Americans who actually are committed to pay their bills every month, and pay their share. The rich are laughing at Buffet.

      • Just to be clear....I am not a AMJC proponent or member or shareholder. I'm not not affiliated with the INvestors Liberation Movement. I am an independent stock investor and trader that monitors the market and the crooks of Wall Street on a daily and continious basis. I am tired of the manipulation of the market and individual stocks. I am tired of them lying to investors and not being responsible for any of their misleading statements. The pretend to delcare they have no interest but they are totally connected to other crooks that do. The market has become a ponzie scheme and the odds in a casino have beocme more attractive. In both cases the game is fized...But at lease in a casino they give you a beer while they are ripping you off.

      • This is really not a comment on the movement. Yet, AMJC holders must acknowledge that their participation is a matter of fact. No one would respond to a commitment which otherwise is altruistic. Those who are not committed to AMJC should not respond , except to give a consensual agreement to this fact.

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