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  • dontdropyourlunch dontdropyourlunch Sep 28, 2003 11:28 PM Flag

    brand name univ competition

    Competition from online universities such as Penn State, etc., seems to be coming on. With all the typical name brand universities in the US that people have heard of before, I assumed it would not be too long until they jumped in to get their share of the pie. Good margins attract lots of competition.

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    • Thanks to phoenixguy7 for his link to the stats, and thanks to mustang65sally for his link which unfortunately does not work. When I looked at the stats and the curriculum at UoPX links, they raised a question larger than the answers I received. Maybe it is my interpretation that is the issue. 86% of the student population is in the four areas below. Upon further examination of the various degrees in the areas below, to my surprise I found Certificates offered as well as degrees. Bkms909, you know UoPX well, and I do not. Perhaps you could tell me the percentages of UoPX students who are enrolled or complete the Certificate or Associate programs instead of the degree programs in the subcategories of each curriculum below.

      The stats say that UoPX population is
      36% Undergrad Business Management
      21% Graduate Business and Management
      16% Information Systems and Technology
      13% General and Professional Studies

      Under College of Undergraduate Business and Management what is this? It is not a degree.
      "Professional Certificate Programs in Human Resource Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Purchasing Management, and Society for Human Resource Management"

      Under College of Graduate Business and Management what is this? It is not a degree.
      "Professional Certificate Programs in e-Business, Global Management and Technology Management"

      Under College of Information Systems and Technology what is this? (Rhetorical) I know these are things like Cisco Certified Network Administrator(?), and various job changer associations that have tests to certify a person knows various parts of computer technology software and hardware application(s).
      "Microsoft�, CompTIA, CIW and CCNA Certificate Preparation"

      Under College of General and Professional Studies what is this? Junior college degree?
      "Associate of Arts in General Studies"

    • Notice the emphasis on teacher education. This is probably mandated from the state government to address teacher shortage in the state. This would allow for the additional subsidy from the state to pick up the cost of distance ed.

    • Thats right.

    • These are primarily certificate programs....

    • "Good margins attract lots of competition.'

      Ahhhh, so very very true. However, good margins does not necessarily attract SUCCESSFUL competition. Recall that several reputable programs (U of MD and NYU if I recall) have basically folded their programs.

      Also, I honestly don't think a PSU is direct competition to UoP. The studetns that go to UoP may love to go to a great program, but honestly, they likely don't have the credentials. Just because a great school has an online presences, I don't think that means that they will lower their standards....correct?

      But I agree, the competitive landscape is a-changing...but UoP needs to worry more about the CECOs and the COCOs of the world, not the PSUs...

      All IMHO and FWIW in the Great US of A this lovely AM. 10-4

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