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  • juryman07 juryman07 Aug 17, 2010 2:00 AM Flag

    Peter Sterling Sold 700,000 shares before decline

    His rush to sell this much can only be explained by his knowledge that the GAO would slam APOL for criminal fraud and failure to educate and place as advertised.

    Here he is the 301st richest American, and he still needs to cheat his shareholders. Too harsh. The story has not even come out yet. Littel TigerSoft News points this out, because their Insider Trading Charts pointed it out.

    Shareholders should be mad as hell!

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    • This article is a joke. Equating options exercising during open trading periods with insider trading. Company officials are allowed to buy and sell stock, and if they do it is not considered insider trading.
      Unless they do it with pre public knowledge available.
      This article talks about carbon footprint and other useless information. Whoever wrote it had one intention, to make Peter Sperling look bad for selling a 3% stake. This kind of useless information helps no one.

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      • Typical management shil red herring nonsense.

        Fact is APOL's big boss Sterling sold 700,000 right before GAO condemnation of his company was made public. It does not matter if he exercised options or not. He sold a massive number of shares with advance knowledge of the GAO report, I'm betting. That is illegal. He must not trade on material information before it is released. The SEC will here of this. So have the lawyers who are going to make him pay for this, for fraud and for failing to educate.

        You can be in denial, all you want, but insiders plus professionals' selling is BAD NEWS is coming down the pike.

        Never trust a shil or an executive when you see this pattern.


      Doesn't say anything about options related. Think he screw the investors and plans to remain in the top 300. Doesn't plan to go down with the ship.

    • Help me understand better. Are you saying he traded options in his own company. Is that reported anywhere for insiders. That would be good to know. Thanks.

    • Did you ever consider that he might have had a 10b5-1 trading plan in place, in which case it is perfectly legal for him to sell as an insider, even if he has material, non-public information regarding the company because the sale was likely pre-arranged months in advance. Based on the fact that several of his sale dates in July were EXACTLY the same dates he sold in July of 2009, I would be willing to wager that such a trading plan is in place.

      Before you make these baseless accusations, you need to understand executive compensation and how insiders are allowed to trade.

    • The truth hurts! APOL is no not be trusted.

      He sold vastly more in 2010 right before GAO report was made public than can be explained as "routine" selling. About $35 million I reckon. He had material information which he knew would hurt his stock. He is not allowed to sell before this information is revealed, although there is a well-known loophole he is trying to hide behind.

      "Routine" is a well-known loophole for insider traders. Look at the JPM memo advising wealthy insiders how to get around the insider trading law.

      The charges of criminal fraud for APOL exactly matches the type of management APOL shows now as they try to pretend his selling means nothing....He sold because he knows the jig is up. Shareholders should be mad as hell as those toadies who dismiss the truth. They cannot handle the truth! His insider selling was sinister self-serving selfishness that makes a mockery of the law and also his duties to public shareholders. His is a public company, not a private castle run by a lawless medieval prince.

      Anyone doing a little due dilligence will find reports of insider trading before "dismal 2nd qtr 2008 earnings.

      I suggest someone on the inside at APOL that has hard evidence about this illegal insider selling come forth and contact the SEC and claim a big bounty. When the investigation comes, those that did not come forth will have a lot of explaining to do.


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