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  • bhenning32 bhenning32 Nov 9, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

    Julie Andrews would say

    So Long Farewell we Hate to see you Go.Whom ever it was who posted that APOL will buy ITT and shoot back to $40.00 is sadly mistaken. This entire group of Education Stocks has run its very Profitable course made a handfull of people Insanely Wealthy, but its worn out its welcome with investors. Let me go back, APOL may very well buy ITT but it will be a case of to little to late. Their business model is still good but millions of people CAN NOT AFFORD TO PAY BACK THE LOANS and There will eventually be legislation passed to limit the collection abilitiies of these schools.These companies are cut throat. My next door neighboor tried to settle his debt that he owed, offered $21,00 Cash on a $30,000 loan that has a 15 year life. At least $9,000 would have been intrest so they would have at least got their money back plus some intrest. He was told over the phone WE DON`T DO THAT SORT OF THING. So once again his payments are being deferred and the School is recieving NOTHING EXCEPYT #s on Paper.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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