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  • dahnshaulis Aug 8, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Why is APOL Stock Rising

    25% drop in new enrollment. More scrutiny ahead from several agencies. Huge lawsuits. Why is APOL rising?

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    • Rising? Not since your post.

    • Sounds like you're short. APOL will continue to head higher, so cover (smart strategy) or get ready for the big squeeze. Let's clear up some of the BS you're slinging. The "scrutiny ahead from several agencies" will not materialize. The HLC's recent decision is final and binding (and for two years). "Huge lawsuits"? C'mon. That's ridiculous. Don't make stuff up. That's bush league, something an amateur does. Grow up. The truth is that the stock is as cheap as any stock in the market. Enrollment trends at U of P have bottomed and are improving. The smart money has noticed and they are covering and going long. The stock is headed to $30 or higher, I've said this in prior posts. Mark it down.

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    • Truthfully, its quite simple and you won't like what I have to say. The denied rumor of last Thursday is a lie. Apollo is being accumulated to be taken private and it might not even be Third Point who does it if their so clueless not to be trying, I mean I can tell that accumulated for a take-out is going on and once they've got enough shares, the offer will be announeced and out of the bag and it will be painful for any and all shorts to be remaining when that happens. I wish I had a few billion dollars myself or I'd be making the offer to take them private myself if I could. I would love to say I own all of University of Phoenix and if I had complete control, the decisions and directions I could take this business are so tempting and tantalizing, it would be endless joy figuring out with a private company and no shareholders to deal with how to turn this beast into awesomeness and then re-ipo at the moon and make a fortune and I mean a fortune. Anybody with a brain can see this and the ones with money are waking up to this reality as well and will be announcing it very soon, I wish it were me making the announcement, oh well.

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