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  • tork2012 tork2012 Aug 21, 2003 7:48 AM Flag


    I am planning to buy this stock, but I can find only negative earning or poor managment even with the good cancer news, is it save to buy this stock since the eaning are negative?.

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    • OK Rip-Make that caught in the A6 crunch at Whidbey. My Pentagon job was simple: Save The Free World From Soviet Domination. When Berlin Wall fell, I retired.BTW-Saw old A6 driver Red McDaniels Capt USN ret yesterday, Red spent 7 years in Hanoi Hilton, a real inspiration on survival. Check Six

    • pluto, my sons did not end up with either VP or HS and their assignments/duties were never an issue. They did great on their PRs, so that wasn't it either.

      The General would rather not discuss it publicly in this forum. If you're interested in getting the gouge, you know what to do.

      The General was introduced to AGEN by someone who's been a member of the DEP fan-club and knows him for a quarter of a century. He's been around long enough to have known of the birth of the Armen-Panoz relationship.

      The General has been following the fortunes of this company since sometime in the week ending 12/08/00, some 9+ months after its IPO.

      Care to give an indication of what your responsiblities were in the Pentagon?

      << grandkids control your destiny. >> The General couldn't have said it better.

      Have a great Labor Day weekend, everybody.

    • THANK YOU!

    • AGENJack- You have warned the dead-heads on a dead board about OT.I found AGEN thru the ABT board a free-wheeling potpourri of free posting [check it out] if you mention my ID you will be well received and find some interesting posters including Gen Pershing [Persh] a retired MD from Nashville who has his Beefeaters about this time each day. One poster ID Spec is a great biotech stock picker he led me to AGEN & KOSP.Aok is a real free-soul lives in Fresno with Cheng his Asian girlfriend, goes to SFO frequently and lives a good life.Your twins experience is not unusual sounds like old friend of mine who had a carrier but didn't make flag.He was USNA,both kids followed him USNA then Navy Air but one got assigned as Cat Officer and that got to him so off to airlines, brother followed.Both retired from reserves as O-5s,of course,father dissappointed.Assume your sons ended up with VP or HS not good for career.Even the A6 guys at Whidbey got screwed.Reserves are difficult to get enough flight time but if you can work it in nice retainer with benies.BTW-I knew Jim Lovell,great guy who will tell you most harrowing incident was not Apollo but a Banshee at nite off China Coast with no instruments trying to find SHANGRI-LA.Have not been to Seattle in 10 years but really liked the place before I-5 became gridlocked.Canlis & Ray's Boathouse were my favorites.Now when I go West it's Pebble Beach to visit retired Navy guys with vision that bot years ago,they can't understand how I ever ended up on East Coast as I was a West Coast sailor except for Pentagon tour....grandkids control your destiny.Tell me why did you pick AGEN? I don't know much about stocks but inherited a pile of pharma stocks that make life easy with 3 retirements that allow me to take risks.

    • True........why not just use your email and save everyone else the trouble??

    • pluto, they're O-4s in the reserves. Jeckle lost his platform shortly after his sea tour ended while he was on his shore tour. To the best of the General's knowledge he has not yet found another one, although he may be in the process of doing that now.

      Heckle has been with a reserve squadron (the General would rather not get specific).

      They both fulfilled their respective active duty commitments and had made the decision to go with the airlines just as the economy was rolling over. They were too low on the seniority list by the time the furloughing came and were cut. One carrier's out of business and the other's in chapter 11.

      Right now they're chauffering the well-heeled. The General hopes that 'La Taylor' doesn't add them as just another notch on her bedpost.

      Boy, would the General love to communicate with you, off-line, about the circumstances that impelled them to come to the decisions they did. If you're agreeable, I can arrange as to how we can do it while maintaining our 'anonymity'.

    • Absolutely nothing, chrisnash. That's why the General began entitling this exchange between himself and pluto with the parenthicated "OT" (Off Topic), as is dictated by proper message board manners.

      The "OT" alerts a reader to the fact that the message's content contains nothing in the way of commentary about AGEN, biotechs, the market, etc. so that the disinterested reader can skip over it and not waste their time in reading it, knowing that they're not missing anything germain to the stock, its industry, etc.

      Perhaps you weren't aware of that.

    • LOL...farts

    • AGENJack-Where are your twins now are they in squadrons? We have Demon Drivers Reunion in Nov in PNS.BTW-My Norwegian Grandmother lived in Ballard over 125 years ago.I still say a Norwegian Gourmet Meal is a 6-pack of Ballard Bitters & Lutefish. Check Six BTW-I think our posts are moving AGEN up as it was $10.75 when I bot in.

    • What does this have to do with AGEN ?

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