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  • thurstonhowelthethird thurstonhowelthethird Jun 14, 2004 1:58 PM Flag

    a quick read of the tea leaves

    reinforces my belief that we will see a major partnership with ELAN.Why in the world would Garo be resigning from ELAN?He was the chief architect of an amazing turn around.I believe that there were would be a major conflict of interest upon a major partnership being established.Garo certainly would not leave AGEN so his leaving ELAN is a must.Combine this development with what we already know.Another ELAN superstar has recently joined AGEN.Garo has announced his intentions to open European operations for AGEN in Ireland.Looks to me like things are coming together very nicely.All but the price that is :{

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    • garo left the position as chairman because he is more dedicated to agen. it is the company he founded and has a much larger interest in it then in elan.

    • >>reinforces my belief that we will see a major partnership with ELAN.<<

      I hope not and don't think so:
      - Elan is not an oncology company
      - Elan couldn't put $1-2 bln. cash on the table, as indicated as target by Garo.

      It would be extremely disappointing if Elan was the major partnership deal, even if it was only for the European market.

      I'm more looking for a deal with Novartis, especially if the Oncophage + Gleevec trial yields good results. And Novartis too has sent some help in person of Mrs. Gupta.

      If I remember correctly, the Gleevec + Oncophage data are due before the RCC data, and they might trigger events as important as the RCC data. If Oncophage can "undo" Gleevec resistance, the partnership would easily be worth $1-2 bln. for Novartis.

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      • I hope you are right that the partner is not Elan. Despite the turnaround the company ELN got into a mess and the stock is still down(read: I sold for a loss).

        IMO, NVS would be an excellent choice. I also like Roche or Pfizer. Down the road, I would take stock in any of the above for my AGEN shares. Yeah, I know keep dreaming..


    • fair assumption indeed

      volume has been well above normal here at AGEN for these past three sessions yet the broad market volume has been anemic so, I think a base has been set in at $7 and we are set to go up on that note

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