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  • kenrp713 kenrp713 Aug 26, 2012 6:58 PM Flag

    What is QS-21 worth if GSK only bought QS-21?

    Valuation - thoughts anyone?

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    • GSK has another adjuvant, MPL, which they acquired when they bought out Corixa...for 300 million.
      MPL and QS-21 are in Bill Gates' Malaria Vaccine. That vaccine did not work until they added QS-21 to it.
      QS-21 is in three other vaccines made by GSK in Phase 3 development.
      It is in at least 12 other vaccines in clinical trials, also.
      I would think QS-21 is worth 400 million which would give us a share price of 16.00.
      ...and, here we sit at 4.50.

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      • Interesting. I found where the CEO, Armen Garo, in a webcast on AGEN's website on October 21st stated future projections of peak sales on QS-21 of "hundreds of millions of dollars" annually. I was thinking $200 million (one years' annual sales) X 5X's sales = $1 billion. But what do I know.

        I like hearing everyone's opinions and getting good solid information about companies. It seems GSK protected their investment by purchasing a "First Right to Negotiate". I am interested in hearing as many valuations as possible. Any more thoughts out there?

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