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  • kenrp713 kenrp713 Aug 29, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    I think all us longs are frustrated with the price of this stock... can criticize me al you least I have the courage to put it out there for criticism. I leased my car before and not knowing the company I was working for was going to go under and leave me unemployed...and before my divorce. I am a nobody. It is amazing I have been able to hang on and maintain my good credit. I go out with my friends once every couple weeks...need to do something to get out and not feel completely depressed. Why don't you kick me in the teeth for the dead baby too while you are at it. I'm not looking to be anyone's "poster child" can agree or disagree with all I post. I just think us shareholders have gotten hosed here and this company is undervalued as well as society can benefit from QS-21, HSP...maybe even HerpV (too soon to tell). That is kick me while I'm down if you so choose...

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    • Hang in there, Riese. You'll need to keep your thick skin, and as fortune would have it- that's free. Your circumstances are hardly unique, in fact, you're doing better than many- although at times it may not seem so. Better days are ahead. Will look forward to reading your blog. For the record, I'm not in a boiler room either but this has been previously asserted. I don't have a background in business or finance, not my area. GO AGEN longs... n.

    • in my first reply to this where i'm disussing marlia interem, i meant to say 6-12 week olds, NOT 1-4 year olds. I cannot reply to that since Yahoo has fckued up this roll out horribly.

    • First, my apologies, I only scanned your blog posts first time, took the time to read in depth after your post. Sorry for your loss.

      No worries that things will turn around, assuming Mage3 successful we are golden, that is when GSK strikes. Patience. Malaria this fall, but still the trial won't be done for awhile. i can't post a link, but search on PATH malaria and you will see the final PIII results wont be read until the end of 2014. Goto the Malaria PATH website, look for the RTS,S link and then look for the timeline, scroll to the bottom and you will see that PIII final results are 2 years out. In the 4q of this year we are to get anothe interm reading for those patients 1-4 years of age.

    • Best of luck to you kenrp713 - this board is pretty much all b/s - I wish you happiness.


      I suspect Russ is a good guy but boards are like a shooting gallery. The problem with message boards and email is that you can't read "tone" or hear the giggle or see the smirk when people are trying to start a fight just for the fun of it. You will get back on your feet.

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