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  • bmcgoo_03 bmcgoo_03 Nov 12, 2012 8:50 AM Flag

    We're still very much in play..

    Malaria results were not what we had hoped but they're better than what's out there and it appears that the vaccine works better in older kids.
    -GSK has already given us 9 million to call them if someone else comes knocking.
    -Timothy Wright serves on our Board and the Gates' Foundation Medical Board. Our QS-21 is in both
    their Malaria Vaccine and their TB Vaccine
    -GSK has a number of vaccines containing QS-21 in late-stage trials.
    -Our Prophage for brian cancer is funded by cancer groups and is in trials with Avastin by Roche/Genentech. An ex-Board member of ours, Hyam Levitsky, runs the newly-formed Cancer Immunology group at Roche.
    -Our Russian Onkofage program is funded by the Russians. All we do is collect royalties from them once the program starts and they can make their own supply.
    -We've downsized the company and cleaned up our Balance Sheet by converting bonds to stock.
    -Garo and the other insiders have loaded up with stock with cash purchases, salary compensation,
    options, etc. Hardly anyone has sold. Garo, last year, put a lot of his stock into Trusts for his kids.
    -Herpv Pii is underway.

    The company runs at little cost, clean Balance Sheet, HUGE potential pipeline, insiders have loaded up and hardly anyone has sold. GSK tipped their hand with the $9 million in March.
    For me, it's not whether it will happen but WHEN.
    Major suitors in my mind: GSK and Roche.
    GSK needs us for QS-21. They bought out Corixa in 2005 for their MPL adjuvant and paid 300 million.
    Roche would have interest in Prophage if we can show additive or synergistic benefit for their Avastin.
    They may even buy the whole HSP platform if data is good with Prophage.

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