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  • kevinvests kevinvests Jan 16, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    this company should not be publicly trading

    not enough volume and not enough activities for any trading standards. Dead money.

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    • CEMI only traded 7850 shares today (less than $38,000 worth of stock) and probably 80% of that was hand-flipping trades by the MMs. now that's what I'd call a dead money stock. LOL

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      • CEMI is not a Trader's stock. It's an investors stock, for holding over a long term. There isnt volume, true, because most investors in it are holding for the long term and there are a limited number of shares (Ideal for creating demand when sales pop).

        Peso....I know you were a holder of the OSUR....for quite some time....and I suspect that you took a bath in it, which I hope you didnt.....even though you made a point about bragging about how you have been making money in it..... I would suspect that you are still taking a bath in it as you keep popping up on this site, but that doesnt really matter......OSUR is a traders stock because it does have a significant volume and a bit more volitility.

        If I were a trader, however....I would be shorting it with expectations that it will dive even more when they report on Feb 6. I have been pinned to MTV...and still havent seen one OTC commercial....and with the clumsiness that was displayed during the OTC roll out.....I would say the odds of a miss are a lot higher then a hit on earnings. Quite a short opportunity!!.

        I still hold that I would OSUR when it hits 3.00. (more representative of its true value.....they have bumped value by popping intangibles by quite a bit....I call it funny money).

        Up 175% in CEMI as a long term holder. Dont miss the big push up my friends....


        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Take your nonsense elsewhere. The average trading size for the past 90 days is over 479,000 per day. Lots of small company stocks trade under 100,000 shares per day.

    • I reported this company to the Sec/Exchange commission.

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