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  • mediaikiller mediaikiller Feb 7, 2013 11:55 PM Flag

    Osur needs this to succeed: Management please take note

    What they need is posters at the pharmacy chains so that customers know that Oraquick is being sold there. Otherwise, no one has a clue. Magic's face needs to be plastered all over. That's how you sell this product. TV commercials running once every month will do not do it on spike or MTV. If you are going to go with Commercials TV ad, you need prime time that 100's of milllions of Americans will see it-- that will cost lots of money.

    Thus, your best bet on cheap advertisement is posters with Magic's face. You already paid him, now use his fame. Most of us to these pharmacies looking for cold meds, condoms, things for cold sores, etc-- put a poster there!!!!!!

    I guarantee you will not fail with posters!!!!!!!!

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    • It will take more than posters....they have a 40% return problem....and a defect problem, it appears. Plus I think investors were counting on more than 900K worth of OTC sales. This is less than 3% of total sales for the quarter. This will not move the needle.

      Plus, I think the posters, although a good idea, wont fly in the pharmacies, as I dont think CVS and Walgreens want to portray an image and reminder to people that HIV is all around us....even though it is. Its not their style. They want people to feel good coming into their stores.

      Sorry bud...but good try. They should try lowering the price to 10.00 bucks. That way teens and college kids, about to make the big decision, can afford the test and will insist their partner take it.

      OSUR is gouging at 39.00 a clip.....and it ain't working.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Cutting the price down to $10 doesn't make any sense. But reducing it to $20- 30/ea, and cut the package size will also reduce cost. Has anyone ever opened up the kit? It is the size of a thumb, with solution and oral swap. They can literally reduce waste and cost by cutting down on size of packaging. The instruction does not need to be in hard stands with fonts the size nickels, requring 20 pages. Reduce the font sizes for crying out out; we don't need 20 pages of instructions.
        There is so much room for improvement and sells of this product. I think management is putting effort to fail. NO ONE can fail this bad on such a good product.

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